Friday, May 1, 2009

Igniting Intuition

This day last year was the night after Mr G. and I arrived back in America at his home. Every fiber of my being was sensitive to my soul raising it's alarm to pay attention. I had tried, in vain, throughout the day to dismiss a 'knowing,' rationalizing and justifying my thoughts in my head, telling myself I was just still tired from the long-haul travel, and recuperating from a busy two weeks in Australia, preparing for my trip to the USA.

I went to bed that night with a prayer. "God, please surround me with your Angels for what I am about to invoke, for I know it is inevitable. This situation doesn't feel right, yet I trusted your guidance to bring me here. Now, it feels like there is meant to be a big change. I trust you. Let what is meant to happen, become. I just ask you embrace me with your Angels and give me clear guidance of what happens next." I then fell into a restless sleep, knowing that I was to face a change of events......

*** *** *** ***

Today, I had the opportunity to reflect on this episode, whilst I was walking my beloved dogs in the park down the street from me.

Whilst I enjoyed my walk along my usual route, something warned me inside to keep my dog, Cooper, on a leash. She has become a little over-protective over the last few years. Bless her, for she is a great companion and a dear soul.

My other hound happily sauntered right along side me, whilst I kept Cooper on the leash. I spotted a few other dogs (and their owners) roaming free, coming our way. They pretty much kept to themselves and walked right on passed.

I then felt it. The energy around me rippled and my skin crawled with goose bumps. I looked down at Cooper and witnessed the hair on her back standing on end, her lips curled back in a snarl. In a flash, she whipped around and snapped at a dog, who had been curious and friendly to come back and play with her. I watched the other mutt retreat, turning his head back in a way that said, "I only wanted to play."

I squatted down to caress Cooper. "What's up girl?" I look into her eyes. "I can feel you are off today. What was that about?"

She sat there with sad eyes. I swear, she looked like she was about to cry.

I am aware of my increased sensitivity to my intuition these days. To energy; to what is said without words needing to pass over the lips. I can even sense the energy of my animals, if I am paying attention.

The key is, to pay attention. To own it, not doubt it. To trust it, without rationalizing or justifying. This is true for my case with my dog today, and with my relationships in the past, and now!

I continue to walk, with Cooper trotting beside me on the leash, grateful she was not roaming free when she snapped at the other dog. She's not normally aggressive, in fact predominantly very placid. I'm just glad I paid attention to the shift, the warning bells in that moment.

I throw my mind back to a year ago today, a little uncomfortable for my soul at that time. Whilst I believe that it is important to pay attention to our intuition, I equally believe that EVERYTHING happens for a REASON, and wherever we are, whatever we are doing is perfect for that moment.

And whilst the path that led me there helped me on my journey, it was coming to an end. It was time to awaken to a new path to get me to where I had to go, even if at that time I was unconscious of my soul's purpose to step forward and choose the path it did.

Interestingly, I feel the year has come full circle with a reminder of that learning: that the path that got you to where you are, is not the same path to where you want to go.... and paying attention to your intuition, as it lights up the signposts in life of the new direction to take to reach your goal... and the journey continues...

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