Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My entire life in a box.. GONE!

Have you experienced losing data, or rather the vehicle the data is kept on? Perhaps you have been through the lesson of 'backing up' your important records. Or not, yet.

Here's my tale...

A little over a week ago, I traveled from Spain, to London, to Singapore, to Perth on a very looooong journey.

Throughout the duration of the journey I used my laptop many times. I also used my USB thumb drives, which contain ALL of my life on digital record. I kept these several thumb drives in an ugly green vinyl pencil case. That is, it was my strategy to make it look uninteresting and unimportant to a potential 'theif' whilst traveling.

I'm usually super vigilant in knowing where my 'pencil case' is kept at all times. On my journey, I made a critical mistake.

I used my thumb drives, then in a dim moment of poor decision, rested my pencil case upon my hand luggage and jacket within the onboard baggage hold above my seat in business class. Instead of immediately tucking it away in my bag. This was on my travel leg from London to Singapore.

The flight had been delayed. Whilst uneventful during the journey, the landing had me in a scrap to get my gear and bolt for the next gate as my connection flight boarded within 25 minutes of us landing in Singapore.

Moving forward in time now...

Four days after returning to Perth, and finally comprehending life through the hazy veil of jet-lag (the worst I have ever experienced in all my travels)... I finally go to 'work' to create even more magic with my ideas.

Because, I hadn't even unpacked my bags yet, including my on-board bag, I went searching for the 'Golden green bag'...

Imagine my face... then... I went pale, I gagged, I coughed, I gulped, I ..I ...I ..I.. *breeeeeeeeeathe*

My brain snapped into 'fix it' mode.. no time for emotion.

I believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason... and trust me, in that moment, I really had to stay conscious with this belief...

This was Thursday 24th September at 10 pm .... all business calls closed.


I tossed and turned in my sleep. My meditation practice rippled with my head in the way, wanting to control the situation. My spirit's voice drowned in the ego muffling it's criticism...and fear.

The next morning, I called the Qantas baggage claim in Singapore. A woman, with a very clipped attitude responded to my call. "We'll get back to you later today, after we have dealt with an emergency. A plane has been diverted back from Kuala Lumpur, and that is our priority."

"Ok," I replied with patience, and trust.

She never got back to me.

Now, I faced a whole weekend of silence, or rather, a head filled of with baggage claim hours now closed until Monday.


And.. my first action: change all passwords to all accounts. Lock down all security.


I focused my attention on trusting it is possible to have the thumb drives back. I also focused on the gifts included IF I didn't get the thumb drives back. Whilst I had to dig, I found many.

Then, the realization HIT me!

... I remembered, I have ALL of my book manuscript for my latest adventures, stored on those thumb drives. The 'back-ups' were also in the same pencil case. I don't even have 'hard copy' back-ups of all the work I had done.

This is when I allowed myself, to have a fleeting, momentary cry....for about 20 minutes.

Then, I gathered my spirit and realised... "Wait! I'm a Manifestation Queen! They'll be delivered back to me. And, in the meantime, the gift is, your book is real life experience and not a fantasy novel you need to remember. Now, you have the opportunity to start fresh."

I listened to this inner voice, with a little reservation. It was still a hard 'blow'. But I get it. I get that, sometimes we don't always know the reason behind what happens. Sometimes, we find out straight away (we get the lesson)..sometimes, later. Sometimes, not in this life-time.

So, moving forward. Now it is Wednesday 30th September.

I have taken every action conceivable (in my knowledge) to pursue my 'Golden green pencil case', and more importantly the content within: all airport baggage claims (Singapore, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney (remember, I changed planes, and the London to Singapore carried through to Melbourne).. have denied seeing such an item. I must say, every Australian baggage claim consultant were extraordinary in their service to look for it!

My intuition says, the 'Golden green pencil case' is still humbly lying in the depth of the on-board baggage hold.

The lady I spoke to in Melbourne says this is NOT possible. ....of course not. I imagine that would demonstrate a serious breach for on-board security.

Well.. the ending to this tale (so far) is, *deep sigh* an extra awareness of creating back-up in multiple strategies, especially when you travel.

I now have some LARGER external hard-drives (and the LaCie is my favorite for it's travel hardiness).. and I am also staying focused on the opportunity to create a newer, better version of my Adventure to share in book form... especially with the extra experience, love and adventure to add from these last three months touring Europe.

I am also now creating extra, extra, extra back-ups!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hypnosis can accelerate your success

My journey around the world these last few years has been a delightful adventure visiting and experiencing many locations. The time frame has also been peppered with many personal development, leadership, and professional development courses.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing), Master NLP and Hypnotherapy have been amongst them.

I attribute these skills, amongst many, towards creating my amazing life to where it is today. I'm even more grateful to be able to use my hypnotherapy skills to master my own personal and professional success at even more extraordinary levels, on a daily basis, creating language patterns and habits that rocket me forward with ease.

I grew up being taught that hypnotherapy is "bad" with no real explanation. With my own curiosity and self-exploration, I have discovered the truth.

We are being hypnotized daily by the media, by others and by ourselves. Unfortunately, most of this is unconscious (and self-defeating) intention. For example, Imagine being fired from your job, going home to tell your partner and afraid of not being able to pay the bills.. right there.. I just got you to focus on an event that hadn't even happened...a form of hypnosis. But, if you were present with how you FELT during that thought, you may realize you perhaps had a physical reaction. That, is the effect of hypnotic language. We do this to ourselves every single day with our thoughts. The question is, are you consciously choosing your thoughts and what illusion you create in your mind?

Now, see yourself on a wonderful sunny beach, watching the people around you frollic in the water, and play in the sun. Perhaps you have a nice cold drink in your hand, as you look into the eyes of your loved one sitting next to you, who is gently rubbing sunscreen onto the back of your neck... there, that too, is hypnotic language.. how much more of a powerfully positive experience was that for you, compared to the first illusion I presented to you?

Of course, these examples are mini "grabs" to help highlight what 'hypnosis' is to those of you, who perhaps like me many years ago, haven't a clear understanding what it is.

So why would you want to understand and perhaps learn hypnotic language?

Hypnosis can accelerate your life into the realms of what you truly desire and want to manifest into your life.. first, you must see it in your minds eye, to experience it in your body, then believe and bring it forward into your life through the thoughts and actions you focus on.

Below is a wonderful and valuable article by Mark Tyrrell, a hypnotherapist trainer for 13 years.... He too will share with you why Hypnosis can be one of the most powerful tools you could possess....

*** **** ***

Reassuring Reasons why Hypnosis is your Friend

Believe the hype or think for yourself

For too long hypnosis has had a bad or 'difficult' press. If a person doesn't understand something they have 3 options open to them.

1) They might be sceptical and therefore save the trouble of looking further and possibly benefiting.
2) They may conclude it is dangerous and to be avoided at all costs.
3) They may spend time discovering the truth behind the hype.

If you don't know much about a topic it's easy to be suspicious. Some people assume hypnosis is akin to a carnival side show, others consider it mystic mumbo jumbo or 'mind control.' For those who look beyond the hype the truth is far more illuminating.

The most powerful tool you possess

There are potentially huge benefits for those who use hypnosis as part of everyday life. When you understand hypnosis you start to see its potential to improve human performance in the physical, emotional and intellectual realms. For me, rumour, gossip and suspicion weren't good enough.

I determined to learn all I could about hypnosis - I learned every fact and practised every technique under the sun. I took several training courses - some good, some terrible. I invested thousands of hours of devoted study to hypnosis and discovered just what is possible. I hypnotised friends, neighbours and work colleagues. Hypnosis greatly changed things for me on a personal level

How hypnosis helped me

I used to be shy. Thanks to hypnosis I can now talk to thousands at a time and can approach anybody calmly and confidently.

I used to have poor concentration and procrastinate; thanks to hypnosis I can instantly motivate myself.

I used to find physical work outs and exercise exhausting but because of hypnosis I am now in the best shape of my life.

Incidentally I also stopped myself blushing with hypnosis. Now if ever I have a difficult call or conversation coming up, something I may naturally feel reluctant to do (you know the kind of thing) I spontaneously self hypnotise and rehearse the upcoming situation feeling good, with myself remaining calm. In this way I habitually set my own emotional 'blue prints' for up coming situations. Having said that it's naturally that some people have concerns or half digested 'hand me down' ideas regarding hypnosis. A common one is the one about 'mind control.' However what does this really mean?

Why you are more in control of yourself in hypnosis

If someone expresses concerns about being 'controlled' in hypnosis what they mean is they don't want to be like a robot, an automaton that is forced to obey the every whim of the hypnotist. We can't help but influence others but we don't control them. To understand why you need to understand hypnosis better.

So what is hypnosis like?

Hypnosis isn't like a coma. It's not unconsciousness - more a subtle shifting of consciousness. In hypnosis, you can still think logically but you also have access to the 'software' of your mind so that you can update instinctive emotional and physical responses. In fact the hypnotised subject (not the hypnotist) calls the shots. When I hypnotise someone I need to go at their speed and respond to their needs and expectations. Hypnosis will give you more control in your own life because of what it enables you to do.

How can I be so sure?

Because over the decades I've seen all kinds of people, all ages and from all backgrounds turn their lives around thanks to hypnosis. When you use hypnosis for yourself it improves confidence in all kinds of ways. When you use it to change other's lives it just blows you away. This is what I mean.

When I first hypnotised someone to feel no sensation in a painful arthritic arm it was an incredible feeling. When I first cured life long phobias quickly and comfortably I was astounded. When I stopped hardened alcoholics from drinking and even got a heroin addict off the stuff and back into mainstream life again I started to feel angry that people could just associate hypnosis with entertainment.

With the aid of hypnosis I (and many people I have trained and worked with) have helped severely depressed people feel strong and positive again. The rewards and satisfactions are hard to describe. I'm going to take a stand against ignorance and short sightedness around hypnosis and here's why.

Why you need to reclaim hypnosis for yourself

Hypnosis is your birthright. It's nature's optimum learning tool. In fact to learn and perform anything well you need to experience a natural focussing of attention, a natural kind of hypnosis. To be successful hypnosis needs to be your companion and friend.

Successful people use it naturally all the time because hypnosis is natural. It's the way we learn new responses. Unlike medications its side effects are purely positive - one expectant mother I worked with to feel relaxed during child birth later reported that she was also more relaxed when flying!

Hypnosis is easy to learn and every body can benefit. Hypnosis is a safe environment to 'try out' new behaviours and emotional patterns before you experience them for real. So the young man can ask a woman out for a date many times in calm relaxed hypnosis so that by the time he does it for real it feels real and natural and relaxed. Sports people who use hypnosis learn new quicker and more accurately. So hypnosis gives you more control of yourself and your life, it's natural and gives you instant benefits and it's a way of 'trying on' and establishing new patterns of emotional response and behaviour, Hypnosis enables you to develop yourself as a human being. offer a free course called 'Learn Hypnosis in 5 Days'.

Article by Mark Tyrrell of Hypnosis

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Curling up with my Kindle

I've been back in Australia for three days now, still recovering from a whirl-wind case of jet-lag. For the third day in a row, I have been blessing my Kindle, my favourite 'toy,' for the ability to curl up on the couch and read... read... read..

What's a Kindle? (see here)

I can't begin to tell you how many times I've shown it off to curious passengers during my flights and transit from Spain, back to Perth. Some have recognised it as a Kindle, others have asked "what is that?"!

It is a very novel idea. An electronic book reader, slim and light to carry anywhere.

For a Global Butterfly, like myself, always flitting from place to place, it is a Godsend answer to my "junkie" habit of reading. I'm always consuming knowledge and wisdom from great mentors and philosopher's through books and audio. The Kindle allows me to 'carry' my library of books (considered my favourite asset) in a compact form, all over the world, in my handbag!

Get this... it holds up to 1000 books! Hence, my 'traveling library'.

The downside is, the Whispernet which the Kindle runs on for instantly downloading the digital books, is currently only available for most parts of North America. Having discovered this before I departed the United States on my most recent visit in May/June, I downloaded thirty-seven (yes, 37) books to add to my collection.

I figured that'd keep me occupied until at least Christmas, this year.

I read - a LOT... I always have my nose in a book. Often three to five at a time. My library consists 95% of non-fiction: finance, real estate, business, internet marketing strategies, psychology, biographies, autobiographies, spiritual, philosophy, economics, conscious awakening, and the odd romance-fiction thrown in to boot!

The comical situation I found myself with during the last download, was a barrage of phone calls at 6:30am the next morning to my US cell phone from my American Bank. Leaving me several messages, the caller was notifying me,
"we have noticed what appears to be several unauthorized transactions, and have put a stop to your credit account. Please call us immediately."

I responded immediately, and spoke to the lovely American lady who had called me direct. She was shocked when I said,
"No Ma'am, I have purchased these books. The card was not stolen."

"Wow! You sure read a lot of books. We didn't think that was normal, or possible," she responded with surprise.

I laughed.

Interestingly, I briefly wondered where the watchful eye of the bank had been when I was in Hawaii four months earlier. I had bought two (expensive) items of jewelery, which had not stopped the card in it's tracks, even when it tipped past my allowable balance, incurring ridiculous 'overdraught' fees. No phone call then.

But apparently, a theif might want to read books using my account.

Yes, I imagine that with a stolen card, one would want to purchase books at $9.99 as a way to maximize access to someone's account.

At least I'd call that an intelligent thief!

Whilst I continue back to my short hibernation, recovering from recent distant travels, and read more of my book on my Kindle (I'm currently reading "The Intention Experiment," by Lynne McTaggart), I'll leave you with the wonderful critique: that I score this Kindle product a 9.5 out of ten.

When the Kindle model contains an inbuilt light, I will give it a
ten out of ten!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shine Bright, Star Light!

Shine Bright, Star Light!

Glow as you take flight.
Spread your wings, and loudly cheer,
Let the world know YOU are here!

Believe, Become, Bestow
And most importantly GLOW.
Spread your message of love and peace,
OWN your place, and no longer lease!

Pretend no more. Be the ONE.
Declare, "My life is WON!"
Announce, "I live to love, laugh and light up all the while,
Leading first with the BIGGEST Smile..."

Written by Katie Gilbert, and Dedicated to Mike Berry...with love xxx

Monday, September 14, 2009

Machu Pichu.... A flash back in time

Machu Pichu ...a flash back in time.

This day a year ago, I was spending my last day packing in Peru to head back to the USA.

My journey to Peru: Machu Pichu and the Amazon rank high among my list of "AMAZING" pilgrimages.

I left on my own, to spend two weeks away, with a guide...and five other ladies in Machu Pichu, and just one other lady in the Amazon.

My trek was to experience a life-long dream spurred on by a scholarly idea.

In mid-high school (year 10) I did the most amazing research project on Machu Pichu. Unfortunately, my teacher graded it with only a "C" because I hadn't followed the proper questions. I had instead, ventured off in my own private journey (perhaps telling of my soul's path), which he said "On it's own merits it's worthy of an "A+".

What the project did, was embed in my soul the burning desire to visit and experience Machu Pichu. This time last year, I did.

The vibrational field of this area is tremendous. After spending the courtesy two hours with my guide and small group, with a guided tour through the ruins... I meandered my own way around the historical treasures in a walking meditation, measuring every feeling tingling through my soul.

Often, like today, I feel an internal calling to return. It's sacredness is not only beautiful and magical, there is a recognition within my soul of this ancient land.

Few places I visit have this energetic pull on me.

*** *** ***

This week is my last week in Europe on this three month journey. These last twelve weeks have added other measurable experiences to my journey on the earth this time.

And while I spend my final days in Europe, resting in Calpe, Spain I have been reminiscing on the wonders, joys, experiences, love, laughter and many, many magic moments of touring through Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Lechtenstein, Italy, Republic of San Marino, Vatican City, France, Monaco, Andorra and Spain)... my heart and mind settles on the life-changing memories of my Peruvian experiences...

...perhaps my unconscious mind recalls the historical stories of the Spanish invasion of Peru... flashing up the odd image into my mind of the historical ages...

Whatever it is, I have felt compelled to journal today's thoughts and recollection of this magical trek.... one I feel perhaps I have done before, a looooooong time ago.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

P90X: I'm taking up the challenge!

My focus this week is reviewing my goals. Especially my health and fitness.

I've been basking in the Spanish sunshine these last few weeks, enjoying my meditation and clarity of mind to define, yet again, the details of my ideal world.

I'm living in it. I've created it. And I continue to refine it.

Since retiring from my job as a Paramedic in March 2008, I've been traveling the world, visiting every glorious continent, except Africa (so far).

With the joy of traveling and rising to new adventures, I've also had a wonderful time relaxing into 'vacation' mode for the majority of the last 17 months. That means, lots of delicious wine and great food, sampling the different delicacies and delights of each new culture I integrate myself into whilst being a guest in each country.

Traveling forward regularly, lots of flights, and in recent months, touring in a campervan, means I have made my fitness a lower priority. Certainly in the fashion I was accustomed to, with gym classes and equipment which would be far too cumbersome for a 16 foot campervan or a single suitcase!

Excuses aside and values re-adjusted... I have a renewed focus on my health and fitness as one adventure draws to a close here in Europe and a new one soon to begin back in Australia.

P90X, here I come! (For more information on this system,

Some friends of mine have recently taken up the challenge for the new P90X fitness system. I've been watching their progress and the gauntlet has been laid.

I love a challenge, and it certainly will be a stretch for me to get back into such a physical regime.

My memory jabs at my conscious... "you're even more dynamic when you are so fit!" I nod. I am. And I am excited with the reminder.

Many years ago, before my Paramedic days, I was a fanatical Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer for almost six years. Since then, I have maintained varying levels of fitness, adapted it to my previous shift work lifestyle, and to a much lower degree with traveling, but always focusing on health and fitness as one of my core values.

I attribute my focus on health and fitness over the years as a habit that became one of my greatest assets. It created the pattern of discipline, focus, determination, and pushing my own 'limits' to extend past them and GROW!

I've used this Habit of Success with my health and fitness over the years as a model for the attributes required for my financial, and lifestyle success.

To design a life on your own terms also requires a mind-set of 'attitude of gratitude', adaptability, constantly learning and an internal driving force to always create more, do better, and take the next step! Most of all, to never give up...

And you can change your life for the better at any time!

Like my level of fitness which has decreased over the last year and a half, when you shift your focus back onto what you want (a clear vision), make a decision, lock on to target and take ACTION, our level of success soars and has a wonderful ripple effect into other areas of your life also...

What area of your life today will you make a decision to improve on?

Health, Wealth, Finance, Assets, Relationships and Spirituality... all need to be balanced for a well rounded 'wheel' for you to enjoy the wonderful ride called 'life'....

Love and Blessings,

Katie Gilbert
"Global Butterfly"

Monday, September 7, 2009

Inspirational Beach (Life) Games..

Inspirational Beach Games.

Every day we have been heading to the beach in the afternoon for some European summer fun.

And every day we begin with frolicking in the water, playing our 'bat and ball' game.

We were extra challenged these last few days with the additional surf as the wind blew a little harder and the current tugged at our legs. Needless to say, we laughed and played as the sun kissed our skin, despite the not so 'perfect' conditions.

As we bantered with our game, it occurred to me how even a simple game, such as we were playing, reflected symbolism of larger life.

There were shots missed, and some hit well. There were times the ball came within easy hitting range, and times it was out of reach. In those times, do you just stand still and wonder why it didn't come closer? Or blame the other person for not hitting it to you 'easily'? Or do you ..S T R E T C H... and take a risk, and leap, perhaps even dive for the ball?

What are your thoughts whilst you play the game (of life)?

Are you 'stuck' in a moment of emotion which you are carrying forward into every new opportunity now, in each and every moment, blinding yourself from new opportunities being hit right at you?...

Or are you in the NOW, connected with your higher self, asking yourself quality questions, telling yourself wonderful empowering stories, causing you to be AWARE and ALERT to the ABUNDANCE of opportunities coming at you all the time? ...Even the ones that might look like they are out of your reach, but when you stretch and 'swing' you strike the 'ball' and empower yourself even more.

Our thoughts determine our outcome... our life. They determine how we choose to play. Our thoughts add fuel to how we feel. When we are telling ourselves empowering stories, we step up in life and become the hero or heroine... taking greater (intelligent) risks, swing at the opportunities more often, position ourselves to win with our posture and placement.. even when the conditions are not 'perfect'.

In the famous words of Norman Vincent Peale
- "Change your thoughts and you change your world"

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness are essentially an act of expression towards ourselves. We see someone in need and we recognize, like looking in a mirror, that "it could possibly be me in need."

With each and every simple act of reaching out and giving a helping hand, we plant seeds of greatness into our own heart as well as the ones of those you directly (and indirectly) affect.

There is also the compounding effect you may never see or witness directly.. but know that it occurs.

Like any great tree which has grown from a seed, when given love, care and nurturing, it will grow into a healthy tower of strength, abundant with leaves and plenty of shade to then protect and nurture other beings...

So too occurs with your random acts of kindness. The energy you give manifests into the lives of so many others.

*** *** ***

Today, on my way to the supermarket to gather some basic ingredients for lunch, I passed a lonely man sitting huddled on the street corner near the store. As I entered into the shopping centre and made my way through the turn-style of the grocery market, I spied another man (this time with his small dog) also sitting outside the second entrance, quietly alone and ruffled in his difficult moment in time.

Both had caps gently laid out on the pavement to quietly ask for some pennies as you walk past.

I thought about what I could really offer them of VALUE. I had only taken enough Euro to the store to buy what I needed. And yet, in my heart, I knew I could make a difference to both these gentleman's lives....

"How can I serve them in a way to nourish their souls?" I thought.

With the small change I had left in my pocket, I bought several large bottles of water. I turned 54 cents into two valuable gifts.

Quietly I walked up to each man, now sitting in the warm heat of the Spanish mid-day sun.

With a smile I offered a bottle of water to each man. Each man in turn lit up with a SMILE of Gratitude.

One said "Gracias".. the other said "Thank You!" Both sent their love and kindness back to me through the energy of the heart connection.

I walked away, heading back to my apartment, pondering to myself... how will I generate even more love and kindness in this world tomorrow? Who's heart will I touch next?

And the truth is.. for each random act of kindness I make, the bigger MY heart grows..

What random act of kindness will you do today? Perhaps even a smile at a stranger, or a kind word or compliment, a bottle of water or a sandwich to a homeless person? Perhaps a friendly act for a neighbor in need?

...Remember too... to give yourself and loved ones random acts of kindness regularly also! :o)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Calpe Spain ...Climbing Calpe Rock (Pendond'Ifach)!

Calpe, Spain.. Climbing Caple Rock (also known as Penond'Ifach) was a magnificent adventure!

The journey up the mountain became a wonderful metaphor for life... and success!

It takes some effort, trust, faith, persistence, perseverance, tenacity, preparedness, a plan-of-action, vision of the end goal, team work, empowering self-talk, effective communication, and least of all ...courage... amongst many of the
MUST HAVE traits to succeed to complete your goal and achieve the outcome you desire! ....

Most of all..

And when you make it to the top of
YOUR mountain... you too will see the delights, sights and extra SPACE available to you...

Don't be one of the (too many) people who quit their dream or goal before they reach the top... Instead, move forward to experience and enjoy the magnificence of putting in the effort to create your life by design...

There is a trek. There are decisions to be made. There will be hurdles to overcome, and ramble to scratch your way through. There will also be beautiful, glorious views along the way, sometimes easy trails or paths to follow, the odd rope thrown your way to help you 'UP', fresh air, new awareness and awakenings as you realize your dreams manifest into reality....

Go... Now... Start climbing
YOUR mountain!

Love & Blessings,

Katie Gilbert
"Global Butterfly"

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st September: Happy Spring in Australia!

Spring! ...into designing your life on your terms!~ :o)

Living life large, by self-creation through vision and bringing it into reality!...

Happy 1st day of Spring, Australia! per my commitment to an amazing life by my personal design, I will be in Australia for the summer of '09/'10 ...I have been chasing the summer around the world for the last 2 years!

...what will your life look like... when you design it with specific intention?