Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shine Bright, Star Light!

Shine Bright, Star Light!

Glow as you take flight.
Spread your wings, and loudly cheer,
Let the world know YOU are here!

Believe, Become, Bestow
And most importantly GLOW.
Spread your message of love and peace,
OWN your place, and no longer lease!

Pretend no more. Be the ONE.
Declare, "My life is WON!"
Announce, "I live to love, laugh and light up all the while,
Leading first with the BIGGEST Smile..."

Written by Katie Gilbert, and Dedicated to Mike Berry...with love xxx


  1. Fantastic!

    Thankyou for always being such an inspiring gift to the world around you.

    You truly are an incredible angel.

    Love Mike xx

  2. That is beautiful Katie, I love it! Enjoy your last little while in Spain with the love of your life xxx


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