Monday, May 31, 2010

Around The World In 22 Days!

I'm packing for my next adventure..

And a crazy one this seems.

All for a two-day event.

Two Days!

As a Platinum Partner and Student of Jeff Walker's Product Launch Management training, I'm heading back to the USA for a two-day master-mind meeting in Durango, Colorado.

So... Ill be flying around the world in 22 days!

I figured I'd stretch the trip out a little, catch up with great friends, and also be a bit creative with the use of my time out, I may just interview YOU if I cross your path...

Let me know if you are in these areas (watch the video) and comment below if you have something to say!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Broome Beaches

Broome Beaches are magnificent! They are such a contrast of colours with the tropical waters rolling into such pristine white sand on Cable Beach.

You can also see Cable Beach off Gantheaume Point, where the famous dinosaur footprint over 130 million years old is located (only viewable at very low tide). While the original is not always easy to spot, a plaster cast has been made of it embedded in the rock at the top of the cliff.

Cable beach is the most famous of the Broome beaches. This last Sunday, it hosted a unique beach polo event for the first time for Broome, and in fact Australia. The remote strip of sand was converted into a polo strip where professional polo players from across the country, including Australian polo captian Glen Gilmore, competed for the Paspaley Cup.

While we waited for the event to start, we strolled in the warm waters of the most famous of Broome Beaches, cooling our skin from the hot Australian sun beating down on us at full force.

Another magical spot to witness beautiful Broome beaches is near the Port jetty, where many people (including us) go fishing and catch some great meals!

A view from the jetty will indulge your sight senses to some wonderful landscape of rocks, grass, white sands, and lots of sand and rock crabs racing for the sanctity of the water as the tide lolls in and out.

Cable Beach is the most famous world known of the Broome beaches. But there are others, equally majestic. The other local Broome Beaches are: Riddell Beach which is located between Riddell Point and Gantheaume Point, and the "beaches" at Roebuck bay, which are really called "mudflats." When you see them at low tide, you will see why.

If you want to visit some more Broome beaches futher north, or at Middle Lagoon which is 170km north of Broome, you will require a 4WD to get access to these treasured parts of Australia.

Broome also has one of the best locations to witness a magical sunset, from Cable Beach. The colours of the sky turn shades of apricot, pink, mauve and orange/red.

As my last night of a wonderful week here with my family, we're going to celebrate a final sunset together, with a picnic on the beach as the sun sets. With the sound of a 'clink' from our wine glasses, we'll celebrate with gratitude, another glorious day, and a great holiday spent with magic memories together... most of those times, spent on the best beaches in the world.

If you want more adventure updates, be sure to add your name and email into the "Join Me On My Journey With Updates" box in the top left-hand... More adventures coming soon with a journey back to the USA this month, and in July - Sydney, Australia, then a month in Thailand!...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Broome Holiday

Broome Holiday began on Friday, when I took an early flight to this wonderful tropical environment. The journey is short from Perth, by air. Just over two hours by plane.

Broome sits on the north west co
ast of Australia, and experiences two seasons. Wet Season and Dry Season. With the exception of some recent rain (and the muggy air it brought with it), this time of year is moving into the popular tourist time to visit Broome, in the Dry Season.

I was excited the entire flight, wriggling in my seat with anticipation to spend time with my brother, Phil (who is a pilot in the Kimberly region) and my parents, who have wound their way up the West Australian coast in their caravan and 4WD on their national trek.

My Broome holiday was to be a family reunion.

I arrived, and the air smelled delicious as I stepped from the plane. I have a sensitive sense of smell, and Broome ALWAYS smells like frangipanis to me. The landscape is littered with many of these beautiful trees, and their scent gives the air a beautiful fragrance.

Mum and dad met me at the small airport terminal. We gave each other a rather sweaty hug. My wintery clothes (including boots!) were fast melting to my skin.

"Whoa! It's a tad warmer now than I expected it to be!" I stated. "I think I need to go shopping. Everything I brought will be too warm to wear!"

For a Broome Holiday I highly suggest you simply bring along your swim suit, a
sarong (for the ladies), and loose summer clothing. Forget the make-up, it simply slides off your face with the heat!

But I love it. A Broome Holiday is a wonderful place to relax, enjoy the t
ropics, experience some great food at some fabulous restaurants in town, see the sites and for me, spend time with my family.

There's plenty to do here.

If you love fishing, then there are many places to throw your line in the water. I spent some time with my parents at the Broome Port jetty. We caught quite a few fish in the couple of hours we enjoyed being there. Most of them we had to throw back, as they were under-sized.

The bites started to wane as the sun set, but our boredom (from very few bites anymore) was broken when my brother arrived with a six-pack of beers!

My dad piped up, "I guess it's pizza for dinner tonight then!"

We enjoyed dining at a local restaurant, relaxing with a buffet feast of gourmet pizzas, salad and wine.

If you come here for your Broome holiday, be sure to check out the local markets on a Sunday. Amongst the clothes, local jewellery, pearls, and food stands, there was a particular stand that caught my interest...the animal stand.

The local Wildlife centre brought out snakes, baby kangaroos, and even a one-week old fruit bat! You get to witness some of the Australian wild-life up close and get some great education about them also. All for free!

My Broome holiday has still got some days left. So I'll update you more soon!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Affirmations.. A Powerful Life Strategy.

A positive mind-set is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself... and to the rest of the world...

Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are daily, 'affirming' your truths to yourself.

Unfortunately, many of these affirmations are 'negative' rather than being a positive influence in your life.

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is ANY "I" or "My" statement you state to yourself.

"I am beautiful"... "I am intelligent".. "I am a wonderful mother/wife/partner"... "I love life!" ..."My life is great!"

These are all empowering statements - Affirmations.. Affirming your truth!

If you choose to allow unconscious (or truly worse, conscious) thoughts of "I" 'negative' statements, then you will live up to those as well..

For a wonderful awareness of truth in Affirmations, watch this adorable short-video of young Jessica's truth... in her daily affirmations...

If you also believe that Affirmations are an incredible tool for a life of Personal Mastery, then please leave your comment below... What is your favourite affirmation?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Outsource It.. And Get Your Life Back!

My mind has been running at full-speed these last few weeks.

I've been 'quiet' because I've been creating more systems again.

I'm so excited to share my strategies and those of other experts which I will also bring their expertise and experience to you too, of how to outsource your business, so that you can have a life!

As an entrepreneur, it is often a tragedy to witness the entrenchment of the 'business person' who becomes entrapped within their DOING.. wrapped up tightly like a cocoon, feeling suffocated, wondering where that dream lifestyle and the time they imagined they would have, has gone.

Does this feel like a familiar story to you?

That's why most people get into business isn't it? To live the imagined higher life? To have more time? More money? More control of your schedule?

Well.. as 'The Global Butterfly", I'm delighted to enlighten you and share the strategies of how to metamorphasize your business and yourself into the wonderful butterfly (or dragonfly - for the men) and spread your wings with freedom to fly.

Here's how you get your time back....

  • You start with creating a vision of your life as you see how you want to live it.
  • Then you get clear on all the tasks required to be done within your business.
  • Once you are clear on these tasks, you then create systems with as many of the tasks as possible.
  • Then outsource them!
  • You can automate many other aspects of your business (and personal life) also.
  • Only stick to 'working' on the stuff you are GREAT at.
  • Outsource the rest!

For a full FREE Report on
"How To Leverage Your Business, So You Can Have A Life"
go now to

There are many mind-set factors required to make the shift. For you to get different results, you are going to need to create new habits and stick with them to create new results. The fastest way to do this, is to role-model those that have already achieved the success that you wish to create in your life also.

Here is a short video (2 mins 30 secs) of just some of the magic memories of the way I spent my time in 2009. May it inspire you to think of some of the ways you'd like to spend YOUR time...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tribal Belly Dancing at El Phonecian Restaurant

Belly Dancing was a terrific highlight a few weeks ago, when I attended Dale Beaumont's "Business Blueprint" seminar in Sydney.

On the second evening, those of us who are Platinum Partner's were invited to a VIP dinner at the El Phonecian restaurant in Parramatta, Sydney.

The food was divine, and the wine was poured liberally. Especially, when the restaurant owner presented me with a bottle of red, "for being the best belly dancer guest of the evening."

The video really says it all.. so enjoy!...