Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Broome Beaches

Broome Beaches are magnificent! They are such a contrast of colours with the tropical waters rolling into such pristine white sand on Cable Beach.

You can also see Cable Beach off Gantheaume Point, where the famous dinosaur footprint over 130 million years old is located (only viewable at very low tide). While the original is not always easy to spot, a plaster cast has been made of it embedded in the rock at the top of the cliff.

Cable beach is the most famous of the Broome beaches. This last Sunday, it hosted a unique beach polo event for the first time for Broome, and in fact Australia. The remote strip of sand was converted into a polo strip where professional polo players from across the country, including Australian polo captian Glen Gilmore, competed for the Paspaley Cup.

While we waited for the event to start, we strolled in the warm waters of the most famous of Broome Beaches, cooling our skin from the hot Australian sun beating down on us at full force.

Another magical spot to witness beautiful Broome beaches is near the Port jetty, where many people (including us) go fishing and catch some great meals!

A view from the jetty will indulge your sight senses to some wonderful landscape of rocks, grass, white sands, and lots of sand and rock crabs racing for the sanctity of the water as the tide lolls in and out.

Cable Beach is the most famous world known of the Broome beaches. But there are others, equally majestic. The other local Broome Beaches are: Riddell Beach which is located between Riddell Point and Gantheaume Point, and the "beaches" at Roebuck bay, which are really called "mudflats." When you see them at low tide, you will see why.

If you want to visit some more Broome beaches futher north, or at Middle Lagoon which is 170km north of Broome, you will require a 4WD to get access to these treasured parts of Australia.

Broome also has one of the best locations to witness a magical sunset, from Cable Beach. The colours of the sky turn shades of apricot, pink, mauve and orange/red.

As my last night of a wonderful week here with my family, we're going to celebrate a final sunset together, with a picnic on the beach as the sun sets. With the sound of a 'clink' from our wine glasses, we'll celebrate with gratitude, another glorious day, and a great holiday spent with magic memories together... most of those times, spent on the best beaches in the world.

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