Saturday, June 27, 2009

Your Attitude Determines You Altitude

This week I had the wonderful opportunity to hike up Squaw Peak in Phoenix, Arizona.

Along the way, I met a very inspiring man who ran up and down the mountain twice. I was so pleased he was eager to stop and do a short interview with me... check out his attitude!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What is Serendipty? ..Here's an example as Katie Gilbert connects with Michael Beckwith, author of "Spritual Liberation"

Have you ever spooked yourself, or giggled, with a wild manifestation? You make an intention, and it magically shows up in miraculous ways?

There is no coincidence. Once you set an intention, believe in it and allow the Universe to align the opportunity, the only thing left is to be open to receive the gifts.

A few weeks ago, whilst back in San Francisco, I connected with my personal Spiritual Adviser in town. I had felt a little off balance. With a complete Chakra clearing, some energy work and deep relaxation I felt a lot more clear and centered again. Her recommendation to me that day was to read a book by Michael Beckwith, "Spiritual Liberation."

I giggled as soon as her words came out of her mouth. That book had been 'calling' me for the last few months, especially as I walked through airports and traveling. I had acknowledged the 'alert flag' and promised to buy it 'next' when I was done reading the mountain of books I had already collected.

I paid attention. I bought the book two days later.

From the very first chapter the book resonated with me. I loved it. I also thought to myself "I'm going to meet Michael Beckwith." And that thought came to me as I was only a few chapters in.

Just a few days later I went to Mark Victor Hansen's "Mega Book Marketing" conference in Orlando, where I made many friends, including Maria.

Just a few days after arriving back in San Francisco from the Conference I was relaxing reading my book ("Spiritual Liberation") and my cell phone rang.

I heard Maria excitedly say "Hi Katie!" to me, as I visualized and heard the word "YES!" in big bold letters in my mind.

"Katie, what are you doing on Thursday?" she asked.

I don't even hesistate. "Maria, whatever it is you are going to ask me, the answer is YES!"

"Have you ever met Michael Beckwith?" She asks. I start laughing.

I nod to the Universe in gratitude and say "of course! Thank You!"

"Maria. Not yet. You wouldn't believe I have his book in my hand right now and set the intention a week ago to meet him."

"Great!" she's excited. "Because you can meet him and Jack Canfield on Thursday." She then explained a little about the HUB (Humanity Unites Brilliance) conference to me.

The video above captures what happened at the event! ...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Enter my world in San Francisco for three minutes...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Letting Go...

There are moments in your life when you know you've taken a detour.

Some detours are easily detected and course corrected. Some, led by your strong desire to meet the needs of the mind, you'll believe you have wrapped a noose around the ankle, tied to the path you have chosen. At least until you have chosen to untie yourself or cut yourself free. Or (if you are temporarily in a victim mode and want to blame) someone else let's go of the rope for you. You may tumble and fall and want to blame, because you're uncomfortable. You were uncomfortable being tied to the path too, but you didn't want to take the responsibility to set yourself free.

Even when it's not the right path, you sometimes still persist. You want an outcome, and in those moments you want to control it. Instead of leading with the heart. You know these moments, right?

These moments are the ones that you slowly create a thin veil of illusion, or delusion. You convince yourself that you know best. You justify. You compromise. You create an artistic story. Whilst you are in the thick of that story, on the path you have chosen, the fog will roll in and your vision appears to be dulled.

It's in those moments that you're looking externally.

When you are on path, you see with your inner eye, and following your internal GPS. Your heart. When the head leads the way, that vision is compromised as you ignore the inner voice of the GPS, now screaming
"Turn left! Turn left Now! You have missed the turn... Please wait for an alternative route."

But, in that moment you flick the switch determined you know better than the navigation system. And you wonder why you're feeling disconnected. Lost.

You know what you want. But the map is no longer clear.

When you persist with leading your life journey with your head, you know you're off path. Some of the symptoms that show up are discontent, blame, resistance, contraction of body and spirit, distraction, lethargy and a focus on self.

When you lead with the heart, life is in flow, the lights turn green and traffic easily merges with you. You sing along to music in the car.

You pass forward love and gratitude at the motorist who so desperately drives past you, to pull in your lane, obviously in a hurry to be where they want to be. You, being on path, know they are temporarily lost and compassionately with grace allow them along their journey without it shifting the smile on your face.

The GPS is built into the car. Turn it on. Trust it. Follow it. Lead with it. Life is easy. Life is in the flow.

And the illusion of 'controlling' with the mind?.... let go!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Swimming with the Dolphins in Hawaii!

Today has been a glorious day of reminiscing my adventure to Hawaii back in February of this year. I've been writing another chapter for my book.

There were many mini adventures in Hawaii, most of which I will write about: including my helicopter flight over an active volcano, hitch-hiking to run to make it to a dinner cruise with an amazing twist! Boarding in an abominable hostel in Maui, and much more. But my soul calling to Hawaii, was to swim with the dolphins.

It feels like an eternity ago already, and miles behind on my latest adventures. But this chapter, sharing my experience of swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii is an extraordinary brush on the soul. As I wrote today, it gave me goosebumps to remember the Divine connection I had with these ocean angels.

To be in the water, watching them play, love and be joyful fulfilled every expectation I had to swim with them: Hearing their squeaks and clicks echo in the water; Feeling them brush past me and looking at me with curious love; And feeling their energy radiate from these high vibrating beings, was worth my journey to this beautiful chain of islands.

If you've ever dreamed of this experience, my promise to you is that the journey is worth it!

I highly recommend Dolphin Journey's... and make sure you sat "HI" to Nancy Sweatt for me! :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Interview with 13 Year old Entrepreneur and Author Jason O'Neill

This young man is a very wise soul and amazing! I interviewed Jason O'Neill at this last weekend's event held by Mark Victor Hansen - his "Mega Book Marketing" event (Orlando, Fl)

The event was an opportunity to meet and greet with so many wonderful people, as young as 8 through to people mature in their 70's, and every age in between. It was a pool of extraordinary life experience, colorful personalities and an abundance of STORIES! ...

Being surrounded by so many like-minded souls, all out to raise global consciousness with inspiration, love and gratitude lifted my own soul to soar even higher.

At "Mega Book Marketing" there is a smorgasbord of speakers, authors, coaches, and the opportunity to pitch your book or book idea to an agent or publisher.

Some of the speakers included: Mark Victor Hansen, Barbara De Angelis, John Mallenchak, Andy Andrews, Doug Bench, Marshall Sylver, Carrie Wilkerson and Steve Scott. But my personal highlight was the connections I made with the people attending the course. Some truly remarkable indivuals, who are focused on serving people to reach their highest potential.

The vibration in the group was buzzing! An attitude of abundance, all to collaborate and applaud everyone's success and goals.

I also broke through a limiting belief of my own this weekend. For most of my life, I had sought to create Independence, not let others provide support and evidently created a one-woman show. That belief had evolved from many experiences in my life, and from yet another limiting belief that I had carried: I couldn't trust anyone to support me. These limiting beliefs had become like a noose around my neck, choking the very life out of me.

But that is the past. I choose a new belief for today. To receive, as much as I give; to collaborate and support; to be supported; to simply ASK!

Last night, I went to see a movie caled "UP". It's a fabulous cartoon adventure of an old man fulfilling his promise to his now deceased wife. And he goes on a great adventure. My favourite line in the movie is: "Now go on a new adventure" .... I've adopted this as my mantra.

What I have learned is, let anything in the past stay there. Take the learnings, but let go of the false illusion of believing that the results of yesterday are automatically the results of tomorrow. There is only today. Now. And NOW, is a new adventure.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Interview with Mark Victor Hansen

This last weekend has been an incredible experience at Mark Victor Hansen's "Mega Book Marketing" conference in Orlando, Florida USA.

Just a taster for now... I'll follow up soon with my highlights for the weekend :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Revealing the Highest Love-Potential in the Human Spirit

A simple act today brought extra sunshine into my world. With it, the luminescence of the power of the human spirit; and with it the highest order of love radiating from within us: all of us.

As I took myself off to a late breakfast (or given that it was 11:30 a.m. it could be recorded as an early lunch), I walked past an elderly woman squatting against a wall along the footpath. Her face was tired; hair scraggly; her clothes were old and shredded; and she had a worn cardboard sign with a plea for money or food mounted against the wall. As I walked past, with a stomach growling for food immediately and my mind pre-occupied with a process of mental Feng Shui, I made a silent promise to give her some money on the way back.

When I had paid my bill at the restaurant, I had shuffled an extra bill from my purse into my pocket. My mind was now more organized, with my notes scribbled down on some paper. My body was full; satisfied with meeting a basic need for nutrition. I paused to reflect how fortunate I am, to eat so well several times a day. My spirit yearned to share that gift with the lady down the street.

A quick twenty minutes later, with my stomach now full and a cup of Starbuck's coffee in hand, I crossed the road to retrace my steps back along the path towards my car. As I stepped up onto the curb and looked down the street, I saw the shadowy form of the lady's spirit hunched over her occupation of organizing some string she held entwined in her hand.

I gently walked into her presence, honouring her with love and heart-felt blessings. Discreetly I handed her the bill in my hand. Before she even noticed the value of the note, her eyes lit up with the greatest radiance I have witnessed in some time.

Her whole face opened up; the clouds parted and the sun shined through. Her eyes flickered HOPE, and then she gave me the greatest gift of all.

Her smile.

It made my heart skip a beat.

Her spirit connected at once with mine through her radiant smile and her eyes, which she locked with mine. Her eyes spoke to my soul with such deep gratitude, and when she spoke, "Thank You!" the small lilt of her voice was picked up by the breeze and escorted into my heart on the wings of angels.

In that moment, I felt the deepest love with her soul, and with life. I am reminded that love is not something that we seek; rather something that we give: to ourselves and to others.

The more I travel, and live physically as a free-spirit in alignment with my soul, the more I witness the duality of human nature: the delicate wanting of love, respect, appreciation, of knowing we have value to offer and receive; and the personal strength of seeking our truth, or better said, knowing our truth and living it. We are love.

Every moment we connect with another soul, even in the energetic presence of crossing a street, standing in line at the grocery store, running an errand, sitting on a bus...anything, anywhere... then in all these moments lays the opportunity for us to share our love, and receive love. BE love.

When our mind is narrowly focused with the self-needs, we are only temporarily fulfilled, and we often miss the treasures of life to reveal the highest love-potential in the human spirit: in our selves and others. It's when we extend our soul to another that we remove the illusion of all boundaries of separateness: and in the act of love we recognise our soul in another…. We are One.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Adventures of the Heart: Being Authentic

Life is an Adventure. There are the physical adventures we experience, personal growths (which I like to label as adventures) and the adventures of the spiritual realm as we discover the multi-dimensional layers of our soul.

My journey to participate in the adventure of exploring the truth that we are enlightened beings having a human experience officially began several years ago with a conscious decision. An invocation to seek my truth. It’s a daily practice that requires conditioning of consciousness. It takes a focus of engaged consciousness to explore the realm of spirituality, taking adventurous strides. Not being a passive tourist.

As I travel to distant lands, and experience new cultures far different from my home in Australia, I get to meet different aspects of myself mirrored through new experiences. I also discover different dimensions of myself as I venture into the breadth and depths of my consciousness.

As part of my spiritual practice I consciously stretch the boundaries. Seeking new zones outside my comfort, courageously venturing into unexplored territory to fully participate in life.

It’s when I settle, go into survival mode, get into a routine of mediocrity that I become restless with spirit. If I choose to become passive it’s a weight on my soul. The way to keep my spirit alert and vibrant, is to stretch.

This is true in every area of life.

Each day is a choice. Every moment is a choice. Every decision has a consequence.

The barometer of knowing you are moving forward and growing in spirit is a free sense of spirit. A free-flowing heart. A lightness. You “know” the truth.

On the other hand, a decision that moves us away from spiritual truth is a weight, straining us with our spirit aching. It creates a gravitational pull that we resist. A signal that we are off course. Left too long to correct course, it can lead to a sense of confusion. And then a numbness. With that veil of separateness our mind creates distractions for us to engage in: such as spending too much time watching t.v., over-eating, abusing alcohol or drugs, anything to avoid the ‘something missing’ we want to dismiss as being the cause of our spiritual wound.

At our core, we know our truth. When we live in the truth, we live in the light. We experience the world with a Oneness that is filled with joy, abundance, laugher, and an unshakable happiness.

We have an innate guidance system. When we pay attention and listen, it keeps us on track. When we decide to over-ride the course, because we think we know the territory better or because we believe external conditioning that we must take another path, we often take a wrong turn or run into a road-block.

Like setting a goal and zig-zagging with our effort to arrive at our ‘achievement’, we do the same with our personal path in life. The big difference being, unlike a goal which we consciously set, the journey to discover our spiritual path is more of a mystery tour. One that we must trust our HEART to guide us on. Not our mind. This is what makes it an extraordinary adventure!
The signals along the way, to know you are on course, are those that light you up! What creates a rippling of laughter in your soul? What brings a smile to your face? When was the last time you listened to the truth your heart is singing to you?

The sounds of your personal song can often be drowned out with the filters we run through our mind of what we perceive as daily routines of ‘life:’ paying the bills, taking the kids to school, going to a job that currently brings you no joy.

But in these acts, it is who we BE that shifts the spirit into a gear of adventurous exploration. What if, through these simple daily acts, lays the opportunity to express joy? What if, currently, right in front of you are a whole bunch of gifts you just need to unwrap?

Such as, in the gratitude of ‘sending money forward’ for a service you have enjoyed using (and with increased awareness, been grateful for the power in your home, the use of a car, the opportunity to connect with family, friends and customers via phone and the internet).

Connecting with our loved ones as we ‘shuttle’ them to and from their activities. Seeing that time as an opportunity to connect in the NOW, instead of planning what is next. The gift of Being present.

What if, in your current job you can powerfully and positively affect another soul, or in fact your environment, by simply being authentic. By giving yourself permission to smile and pass on the gift of being present for another.

By being, we are leading. By being, we are present in life. By being, we can enjoy every moment as an opportunity for adventure.

Even small opportunities, grasped and experienced, will stretch us further in our Being. Our spirit grows when we take a risk, no matter how small.

What is your heart ‘nagging’ you to do? What are you holding back from? What do you need to express? Who do you need to forgive? What do you need to let go of? What step can you take, right now, to create a renewed sense of spirit, to liven up your life with the adventures of your soul?

The key is, you don’t have to DO anything. You just need to give yourself permission to BE your Authentic Self.