Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Revealing the Highest Love-Potential in the Human Spirit

A simple act today brought extra sunshine into my world. With it, the luminescence of the power of the human spirit; and with it the highest order of love radiating from within us: all of us.

As I took myself off to a late breakfast (or given that it was 11:30 a.m. it could be recorded as an early lunch), I walked past an elderly woman squatting against a wall along the footpath. Her face was tired; hair scraggly; her clothes were old and shredded; and she had a worn cardboard sign with a plea for money or food mounted against the wall. As I walked past, with a stomach growling for food immediately and my mind pre-occupied with a process of mental Feng Shui, I made a silent promise to give her some money on the way back.

When I had paid my bill at the restaurant, I had shuffled an extra bill from my purse into my pocket. My mind was now more organized, with my notes scribbled down on some paper. My body was full; satisfied with meeting a basic need for nutrition. I paused to reflect how fortunate I am, to eat so well several times a day. My spirit yearned to share that gift with the lady down the street.

A quick twenty minutes later, with my stomach now full and a cup of Starbuck's coffee in hand, I crossed the road to retrace my steps back along the path towards my car. As I stepped up onto the curb and looked down the street, I saw the shadowy form of the lady's spirit hunched over her occupation of organizing some string she held entwined in her hand.

I gently walked into her presence, honouring her with love and heart-felt blessings. Discreetly I handed her the bill in my hand. Before she even noticed the value of the note, her eyes lit up with the greatest radiance I have witnessed in some time.

Her whole face opened up; the clouds parted and the sun shined through. Her eyes flickered HOPE, and then she gave me the greatest gift of all.

Her smile.

It made my heart skip a beat.

Her spirit connected at once with mine through her radiant smile and her eyes, which she locked with mine. Her eyes spoke to my soul with such deep gratitude, and when she spoke, "Thank You!" the small lilt of her voice was picked up by the breeze and escorted into my heart on the wings of angels.

In that moment, I felt the deepest love with her soul, and with life. I am reminded that love is not something that we seek; rather something that we give: to ourselves and to others.

The more I travel, and live physically as a free-spirit in alignment with my soul, the more I witness the duality of human nature: the delicate wanting of love, respect, appreciation, of knowing we have value to offer and receive; and the personal strength of seeking our truth, or better said, knowing our truth and living it. We are love.

Every moment we connect with another soul, even in the energetic presence of crossing a street, standing in line at the grocery store, running an errand, sitting on a bus...anything, anywhere... then in all these moments lays the opportunity for us to share our love, and receive love. BE love.

When our mind is narrowly focused with the self-needs, we are only temporarily fulfilled, and we often miss the treasures of life to reveal the highest love-potential in the human spirit: in our selves and others. It's when we extend our soul to another that we remove the illusion of all boundaries of separateness: and in the act of love we recognise our soul in another…. We are One.


  1. Love this Katie - am now making a conscious effort to show this love to people I meet in my daily life.

  2. Once again.. as I read your blog I get chills!! You and I are seriously connected and we 'carry' many of the universal messages that stem from the SOURCE of all. LOVE is the ultimate gift and thank you for showing in an amazing way how we each MATTER in the simple all the way to the complex!! Show up and SHINE.. or as you once stated to me 'embrace your flame' and glow!! Sending you love and gratitude and I am so incredibly blessed to have met your soul this time around..


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