Monday, June 15, 2009

Letting Go...

There are moments in your life when you know you've taken a detour.

Some detours are easily detected and course corrected. Some, led by your strong desire to meet the needs of the mind, you'll believe you have wrapped a noose around the ankle, tied to the path you have chosen. At least until you have chosen to untie yourself or cut yourself free. Or (if you are temporarily in a victim mode and want to blame) someone else let's go of the rope for you. You may tumble and fall and want to blame, because you're uncomfortable. You were uncomfortable being tied to the path too, but you didn't want to take the responsibility to set yourself free.

Even when it's not the right path, you sometimes still persist. You want an outcome, and in those moments you want to control it. Instead of leading with the heart. You know these moments, right?

These moments are the ones that you slowly create a thin veil of illusion, or delusion. You convince yourself that you know best. You justify. You compromise. You create an artistic story. Whilst you are in the thick of that story, on the path you have chosen, the fog will roll in and your vision appears to be dulled.

It's in those moments that you're looking externally.

When you are on path, you see with your inner eye, and following your internal GPS. Your heart. When the head leads the way, that vision is compromised as you ignore the inner voice of the GPS, now screaming
"Turn left! Turn left Now! You have missed the turn... Please wait for an alternative route."

But, in that moment you flick the switch determined you know better than the navigation system. And you wonder why you're feeling disconnected. Lost.

You know what you want. But the map is no longer clear.

When you persist with leading your life journey with your head, you know you're off path. Some of the symptoms that show up are discontent, blame, resistance, contraction of body and spirit, distraction, lethargy and a focus on self.

When you lead with the heart, life is in flow, the lights turn green and traffic easily merges with you. You sing along to music in the car.

You pass forward love and gratitude at the motorist who so desperately drives past you, to pull in your lane, obviously in a hurry to be where they want to be. You, being on path, know they are temporarily lost and compassionately with grace allow them along their journey without it shifting the smile on your face.

The GPS is built into the car. Turn it on. Trust it. Follow it. Lead with it. Life is easy. Life is in the flow.

And the illusion of 'controlling' with the mind?.... let go!

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