Thursday, June 11, 2009

Swimming with the Dolphins in Hawaii!

Today has been a glorious day of reminiscing my adventure to Hawaii back in February of this year. I've been writing another chapter for my book.

There were many mini adventures in Hawaii, most of which I will write about: including my helicopter flight over an active volcano, hitch-hiking to run to make it to a dinner cruise with an amazing twist! Boarding in an abominable hostel in Maui, and much more. But my soul calling to Hawaii, was to swim with the dolphins.

It feels like an eternity ago already, and miles behind on my latest adventures. But this chapter, sharing my experience of swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii is an extraordinary brush on the soul. As I wrote today, it gave me goosebumps to remember the Divine connection I had with these ocean angels.

To be in the water, watching them play, love and be joyful fulfilled every expectation I had to swim with them: Hearing their squeaks and clicks echo in the water; Feeling them brush past me and looking at me with curious love; And feeling their energy radiate from these high vibrating beings, was worth my journey to this beautiful chain of islands.

If you've ever dreamed of this experience, my promise to you is that the journey is worth it!

I highly recommend Dolphin Journey's... and make sure you sat "HI" to Nancy Sweatt for me! :)

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