Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Interview with 13 Year old Entrepreneur and Author Jason O'Neill

This young man is a very wise soul and amazing! I interviewed Jason O'Neill at this last weekend's event held by Mark Victor Hansen - his "Mega Book Marketing" event (Orlando, Fl)

The event was an opportunity to meet and greet with so many wonderful people, as young as 8 through to people mature in their 70's, and every age in between. It was a pool of extraordinary life experience, colorful personalities and an abundance of STORIES! ...

Being surrounded by so many like-minded souls, all out to raise global consciousness with inspiration, love and gratitude lifted my own soul to soar even higher.

At "Mega Book Marketing" there is a smorgasbord of speakers, authors, coaches, and the opportunity to pitch your book or book idea to an agent or publisher.

Some of the speakers included: Mark Victor Hansen, Barbara De Angelis, John Mallenchak, Andy Andrews, Doug Bench, Marshall Sylver, Carrie Wilkerson and Steve Scott. But my personal highlight was the connections I made with the people attending the course. Some truly remarkable indivuals, who are focused on serving people to reach their highest potential.

The vibration in the group was buzzing! An attitude of abundance, all to collaborate and applaud everyone's success and goals.

I also broke through a limiting belief of my own this weekend. For most of my life, I had sought to create Independence, not let others provide support and evidently created a one-woman show. That belief had evolved from many experiences in my life, and from yet another limiting belief that I had carried: I couldn't trust anyone to support me. These limiting beliefs had become like a noose around my neck, choking the very life out of me.

But that is the past. I choose a new belief for today. To receive, as much as I give; to collaborate and support; to be supported; to simply ASK!

Last night, I went to see a movie caled "UP". It's a fabulous cartoon adventure of an old man fulfilling his promise to his now deceased wife. And he goes on a great adventure. My favourite line in the movie is: "Now go on a new adventure" .... I've adopted this as my mantra.

What I have learned is, let anything in the past stay there. Take the learnings, but let go of the false illusion of believing that the results of yesterday are automatically the results of tomorrow. There is only today. Now. And NOW, is a new adventure.

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