Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Melbourne, Munchies, Mentoring and Mishaps

I arrived in Melbourne on Monday
, for a four day catch-up with great friends, and to attend Dale Beaumont's "Propel Your Profile" event.

As always, my life is packed, daily, with adventure of all sorts.

My first day in this beautiful city I was greeted with warm sun kisses as the weather glowed with the hint of summer arriving. My friend Kim, picked me up from the airport and we headed straight out to lunch on the waterfront. Tapas and talking... we were in our element!

Tuesday, Kim indulged me in finding a Spa so I could get a foot massage. With recent chiropractic treatment, my practitioner has warned me to steer clear of body massages for awhile, but that a foot massage was OK.

The hiccup came with the way I was sitting in the lounge chair for the hour. The chair being an overstuffed delicious couch, was too big for me. My lower back being compromised as I stretched my legs forward onto the footstool.

At the end of the hour, my feet felt fantastic. My lower back ached. As I walked out of the store I sensed I needed to rest, not walk.

That evening, whilst preparing to go out for the "Propel Your Profile" event being presented by Dale Beaumont (Author and Publisher of the "Secrets of...... Exposed" series) I made the fatal mistake of the 'head flick' whilst blow drying my hair. As my back pinched with a piercing pain I was reminded of an exact same scenario of a patient I attended to early in my previous Paramedic career.

Gasping for breath as I clutched the vanity counter to support myself, I cursed at the timing. Able to straighten myself up with favouring my left leg, I hobbled out of the bathroom ready for the event but concerned about my back.

"Oh my God!" Kim cried. "Are you alright?"

"No! But I'm going to the event."

I mustered my strength and supported my body as best I could for the 3 hours we attended the seminar. I squirmed in my chair, shifting to avoid pain and to support my back.

I began wondering about the next phase of my journey coming up.... heading to Adelaide for a house boat tour. I sat thinking also about my recent illness over a week ago with a 'stomach bug' that turned out to be 'food poisoning'... I believe everything happens for a reason, so perhaps I'm getting plenty of hints to slow down for a little while.

Attending the "Propel Your Profile" event was as destined as I had expected. Whilst on my recent travels in Europe, I had followed Dale's (and his wife, Katherine, and son, Finnigan) journey throughout Europe also. I had made a mental note that I wanted him as one of my mentors in my life. When I arrived in Australia the opportunity to come to this event 'showed up'.

Law of Attraction.

And I am excited to say I am weaving the threads of all the learnings from so many of my courses and travels these last few years, into a wonderful tapestry with Dale's direction. He is a wonderful example of someone 'Walking their Talk' and emanates one of my highest values, Integrity.

That night, back in bed, I couldn't get comfortable. My sleep disrupted by my back 'catching' any time I moved or attempted to roll over. I finally fell asleep again at 5am and slept through to just after noon. The house was empty, void of any sound of Kim or Jaydan, her two year old.

After hobbling out to the lounge room, I found a note on the table that she was out having coffee at her parents. I called her.

"How's your back?" She asked.

"Not good," I'm disappointed to advise. "I'm wondering if I can get an urgent appointment with Jason's (her husband's) chiropractor?"

A few hours later, I'm booked to see an alternate chiropractor only ten minutes away. He can see me today.

When I went to the appointment and explained my history, current situation and also his assessment he advised me, "I'm afraid you have a disc bulge at L4."

"Oh no," I'm teary. I'm determined to continue my holiday on the house boat in Adelaide this week. He says, "see how you feel tomorrow. You might change your mind."

"At least once I'm on the house boat I can rest," I justify. "It's not like I'm going on a trek!"

"True," he says. "Let's book you in for tomorrow also, before you go on your flight."

I'm touched by the level of care and professionalism from him. He's gentle and kind, supportive even.

So this morning, I have woken up 'stiff and sore' from the treatment yesterday. I'm more confident than yesterday, with my back supported with a brace, my nerves less jangling with the aid of Voltaren, and my back being iced every 10 minutes to soothe the inflammation.

I'm heading to Adelaide today.

I'm grateful to rest. I see this as a gift for me to focus on my health, on my heart, on my spirit and to do some mind-mapping for the coming business projects I have in the pipeline.

Mostly, I'm grateful for my financial independence. For the freedom to rest and relax, even on a house-boat, without the fear of income drying up.

Financial Freedom was always a dream of mine through my teens and twenties. Now in my early Thirties I am fortunate to be at a level in life to recreate and design my life on yet another level.

The point of sharing my story is, that even with a 'blessed' financial life (self-created), all sorts of issues still occur: health, relationships, family, even monetary (just usually with a few more 0's added to the dollars).

Never let any 'issue' get in the way of your goal.

I loved a message Dale Beaumont shared at his event with regards to getting what you want: "If you can't get in through the front door, go around the back door. If you can't get in the back door, go through the side window. If you can't get through the side window, go down the chimney!"

Find a way to live life on your terms. Fulfill your dreams. And dare to dream BIG! Make it happen and NEVER give up.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gratitude is the Key to an abundance of success!

The POWER of sincere Gratitude is often very much misunderstood and underestimated.

Gratitude will create a vibrational force that magnetizes abundance into your life. Not just in the financial sense. It also magnetizes more of whatever you are focusing on and truly appreciating, seeing the gift of what you have in your life....

Equally, if you focus on what you don't want, or in fact not appreciating what you have now in your life, you are resisting what you have and in essence focusing on what you DON'T WANT.

This often occurs with people who resist money, yet find themselves in a financial conundrum. People often want more money, want more wealth, yet FEAR it. At some level there is a resistance and if you look deep enough into these situations they will usually show up a pattern of focusing on the illusion of their reality NOW.

~What's important is to focus on what is GREAT NOW with a sincere embodiment of GRATITUDE. ~

We created the financial situation in the now, by the constant thoughts and actions of the past. The lag time shows up the evidence, 'reality' mirroring what you had been thinking. If you choose to keep thinking the same thoughts, your 'reality' will keep showing up the same. If you're focusing on abundance, the gifts, the magnificence, the magic, you will get more of the same. Needless to say, if you're afraid and focusing on bills, debts, and creating illusions of the future of more of the same.... well, you will get more of the same.

There is a solution to this financial example. As it seems to stem as the perceived problem by many.

First, define the problem. It's usually not a money income problem. It's more often than not, a money SPENDING problem.

Once defined, you can now empower yourself to make alternative choices. AND most importantly re-set your frame of point of view to focus on what you already have NOW.. and
BE......... sincerely grateful.

Once you enter this space, a positive magnetic force will occur, opening up your mind to alternative thoughts and therefore actions. New insights, and opportunities will 'magically' appear.

A few days ago, I had quite a strong response both on my profile page and in my message box to a status update on facebook, which was:

"Financial Freedom is the attainment of Passive Income exceeding Needs rather than Wants." ~Phil Jones~

I also mentioned in a comment to the post (in response to a previous comment):

"...This is one of my FAVOURITE topics to discuss...
I have successfully created financial freedom++ for myself and love to guide others who wish to do the same.."

It brought forth a flood of people wanting guidance.

There is no magic pill. But, the right mind-set with a core essence focused on Gratitude, it could be perceived as magic!

There is no one strategy physically to create wealth. There are thousands of ways to create financial freedom. But these are purely the vehicles. And like learning how to drive a car, you need to learn "how to drive" the vehicle. That knowledge is what helps you then recognize how to maneuver the vehicle and get you from A - B.

YOU have all that you need within you to succeed financially. You have the answers to the questions you are yet to ask. Each and every one of us is connected, within the matrix of consciousness. Some of the answers will show up directly within your mind. Some answers will lead you to others who will assist you with the answer.

Simply tap in to the abundance of what is already great in your life NOW and focus on Gratitude. Lag time aside, your 'reality' will evolve into a new one, as you shed the skin of false beliefs, that you are stuck in a financial nightmare.

The first step for guidance is... Gratitude is the key.

It is not the only tool by far. It is certainly the first and ESSENTIAL step on the path of abundance; the path of creating your life by design, on your terms so you too can SHINE... ...creating your own unique footprint on the path of life, with all the wealth you desire.

Now.. for helping you learn how to drive your vehicle of abundance, I highly recommend "Think and Grow Rich" as your foundational book on your path to financial success.

I will leave you with a beautiful quote from Melody Beattie (author of "Co-Dependent No More" 1987)

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” ~Melody Beattie~

Author's note: Wealth embraces more than just money. It equals money, assets, relationships, spirituality and health. When these are all satisfying in our life we have true abundance, true wealth.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Amazonion Bugs... get into my stomach

These last few days I have been bound to my bed with a stomach bug and on a 'dunny run' for the umpteenth time. Clutching my stomach, bent over double on the loo, on my fourth day of this ordeal, in great pain I cry out... "dear God, please help me through this. Help me clear this crap."

And then I get some insight.

I see it as a cleanse physically and emotionally, as the emotional 'crap' I'd been hanging onto in recent weeks, storing it in my belly.

I'm momentarily in gratitude, then squeak as I grip my belly with another cramp rolling through. I'm feeling weak, and exhausted. I want this to stop. I shut my eyes and breathe....

I'm also transported back in time to September 2008 when I was in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle, and experienced more 'bugs' than I bargained for.

A four day adventure in the thick of the Amazon was amazing and enlightening as to how I can cope being ill in one of the most isolated parts of the world.

We flew in to Puerto Maldonado (Peru, near the Bolivian border), picked up by tour guides and led to an office to leave most of our luggage. We were each given a "ten kilo duffel bag," meaning we could only pack ten kilos of belongings to travel with us.

From there we were transported by bus to the Amazon river, all piling into a motorized canoe. An hour later, we disembark, and begin a 3 kilometer trek along a path cut through the jungle, to another canoe. This time our guides paddle them.

The squawks of the jungle and the rhythmic chirp of the cicadas are echoed around me as the sound of the paddle dipping and sliding through the water keeps me present in the canoe.

I'm in the Amazon!

Four days of nature, magnificent nature. Photographing tarantula spiders on guided night walks, spying Macaws flying through the trees at the wee hours of the morning, a forest full of life: bugs, monkeys, spiders, snakes, insects, and an abundance of beautiful trees.

Day two my stomach started to rumble. I had a close encounter with the stomach bug. Fatigue. Lethargy. And a closer relationship with my en suite bathroom.

Not to waste my precious time and opportunity to experience Mother Nature in this beautiful land, I chewed on Imodium and Buscopan like candy.

I roomed with my partner on the tour, Kristina, from Los Angles. We had only met for the first time in Cusco for the first part of the tour to Machu Pichu. She had a few days of ill health there, with a reaction to malaria pills.

I had taken no medication or vaccinations to come to the jungle. When advised of it in Peru by the girls on the tour (I hadn't been given any instructions from my US tour company), I had Videl, my tour guide, scout Cusco with me to find a medical center to get the 'Yellow Fever' shot. When we found one, they said they had none, and that it wasn't necessary given the time of the year.

They tell me
it's dry season and there are not many mosquitoes about. I'm only concerned about one biting me with the disease! I make a mental note to be extra vigilant with the mosquito repellent and long clothing.

I'm a little anxious, about not carrying the medical documentation and also for the possibility of getting sick with Yellow Fever. But that was the least of my concern.

Most of the jungle activity is bustling at dawn and dusk, and during the night. So by day, I slept, oblivious to the steamy heat. My body just grateful to be horizontal. I willed myself forward for the early morning trail walks and laid myself out to sleep on the bench in the canoe, opening an eye every now and then when 'Tarzan,' our tour guide pointed out a caimen (crocodile) in the amazonian river water.

Transported back to my current moment, I grab some water from the kitchen to dissolve some more hydralyte. As I mix the orange powder into the liquid and stir, I'm ever grateful to be in my home, with a comfortable bed and privacy to allow my body to heal.

The only animals present are my cute, cuddly cats and dogs snuggling up to comfort me and give me love. And the occasional fly buzzing by my head, which I swat to keep it clear of me.

I nestle into my bed pillows as I smile with gratitude with reliving the magic memories of my Amazonian experience.

I'm feeling better already.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Integrated, in India...

A year ago today, a journey from San Francisco led me to Chennai, India.

'Oneness' called.

It was just three months prior, in July, that I had attended the Level One event in Fiji. Now in India, I faced level two.

It was a time of solitude, enforced silence, to quieten the mind.

My mind, which often races a million miles an hour, took a few days to be content chattering away with itself, so as not to impose it's hectic conversation on others at the ashram. Slowly, my neurons also got the hint to stay silent... and eventually, I entered into the 'gap'.. the space where awareness heightens, expands, and explores deep into the soul.

Each morning, we meandered down to the 'lecture hall,' almost half a mile away from the dormitories. These twin buildings stand proud side by side, a road separating them, keeping the sexes apart. Females to the right. Males to the left.

After our morning session of yoga and meditation, we quietly shuffled next door to the 'kitchen hall' where again the conversation was (mostly) quietly confined to the boundaries within, accentuated only with the clang of cutlery and the scraping of plates, as people 'bussed' their own trays, disposing of the remains of vegan food. Much of it, like goo. Some of it, delicious. But, after a few days I found myself begging the Dasas for some protein.

At the time, I was still eating strictly gluten-free, and protein in my meals helped me to keep my blood sugar levels stable. They had a tendency to dive, sometimes without warning, leaving me confused, irritable, and cranky.

"We do not have any meat on the campus," my Dasa told me. "But we do have eggs. How many would you like, I will arrange to have them boiled and brought to you."

It was now day two, and I was famished for some 'solid' food. My stomach wasn't appreciating all the curried vegetables, without something to substantiate it. My mind startled into response, "I'll have four please!" I say, rubbing my stomach. I'm hoping I don't sound too greedy.

When she sends the eggs to me, I am glad I asked for four. They were a little larger than quail eggs. OK, slight exaggeration, but they were ...small.

With my body's blood sugar satiated, I faced a new challenge throughout the week. The first four days during the lectures, my eyelids refused to stay open. Positioning myself in a spot at the back of the hall, 'hidden' behind a few people, I found myself in a deep sleep for most of the time during that part of the week.

It wasn't jet-lag. It was like I had been 'put' to sleep. Healing.

Yet, on the fourth day I found myself guarding my body with tortuous back pain. It was because of this, that I met Dr. Steven Klayman. A wonderful chiropractor. I watched him do muscle testing on a woman in the lecture hall during a short break. It fascinated me, and led to me asking him what he is doing.

"TBM," he says. "Total Body Modification, which is a technique to balance the body."

"Oh! Can you do some of that on me, please?" I hold short of begging. I explain to him the symptoms of my current back pain.

I met up with him during the lunch break, at the men's dorm entrance. I arrived at the entrance, and left my flip flops on the tiles outside the door. Matching them up in line with the other tens of pairs neatly lined up in rows. Inside the foyer, were mostly men, with the odd woman in attendance visiting her husband, who is also sharing the Oneness experience.

Steven has me stand tall, and instructs me to turn, sit, lie down whilst he works on my body. I have an audience of five men watching. Their humour turns into curiosity as they witness my body shift and align in front of them.

"WOW!" one of the guys say. It's my friend Michael.

I am lying down and felt my hip 'click' without any direct manipulation. Steven 'blocks' me in position with someone's running shoes he has temporarily pinched from outside the entrance door. I lie still for a few minutes until he muscle tests me again.

Then Steven has me stand and muscle tests me for my organs. I'm noticing how much straighter I feel. The pain in my lower back is now a simple ache, dissolving.

Steven's further tests have me intrigued. My stomach test fails. 'Weak'.

He tests further and determines I have some allergies. I nod and confess to being diagnosed with Coeliac (Celiac) Disease.

"What's that?" he asks.

"Allergic to gluten," I say. Then begin to explain further to help him understand.

So he tests me some more and determines other issues I already know about and a few minor things he advises me of. He whispers in my ear, "you have a slight urinary tract infection."

I blush. "Yes," I nod. With the drastic change in diet, packed full of carbohydrates, I had indeed felt the odd 'tingle' sensation.

My mind is buzzing with the congruency of his tests and my body 'speaking' to him with it's truth. I hear a voice in my head, "You need to learn this, and you too will teach it." I briefly roll my eyes inwardly, gently mocking God with "you want me to do yet another course?!" I smile and breathe out. "Lead the way," I whisper back.

When Steve's done, I ask, "how do I learn this? When you were doing this to me, I heard a voice in my head, "You will teach this too."

He writes the details for Dr Victor Frank, one of the founders of this technique,
on a piece of paper for me. I learn he is now retired but still lives in St George, Utah and teaches the odd seminar on the technique.

Little did I know of the extraordinary adventure, of the gateway and path this experience was to lead me..... to even more extraordinary adventures...

~*~*~ ...this is a condensed extract from a travel narrative - "Living Adventures of The Heart: A Global Trek & A Journey Within." by Katie Gilbert ~*~*~ ....still being written.


I've thought about this a lot today, with the nature of my back and body, needing re-alignment again with my chiropractor here in Perth, Western Australia. Dr Eric Schwelm, practices with SOT (Sacral-Occipital Therapy). Whilst a little different to the TBM, his philosophy is similar and he is extraordinary with helping to re-align the body.

It's only been this year that I have been exposed to the valuable benefits of balance and well-being from visiting an OUTSTANDING chiropractor. Not the simple 'crack' and 'snap' kind. Instead, the gentle touch and tap on the trigger points to help your body re-connect and communicate with all parts of itself..... order to function the way we are meant to.

To let go of old patterns that once protected us, and now no longer serve us... To communicate with itself, in order to align back into patterns that serve us NOW.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Popping the Pimple of Procrastination

.... have you ever heard yourself say, "I'll get to it later," or "I'll do it tomorrow," or simply ignoring what needs to be done to move you towards your goals, or completing simple tasks at work or home?

Here's the thing. The longer you wait, and put off your task...the worse it gets.

"The greatest amount of wasted time is the time not getting started." ~Dawson Trotman (March 25, 1906 - June 18, 1956) an evangelist and founder of the 'Navigators'

"Psychologists often cite procrastination as a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision." (Wikipedia).

I don't believe that Procrastination is 'laziness'. I believe it is simply a case of too 'big-case-istis.' When you simply view the task or goal at hand as TOO LARGE.

CHUNKING down... is the solution.

Often, when we put off (procrastinate) what needs to be done, it is due to us feeling overwhelmed (and perhaps anxious) of the 'enormity' of the task at hand. Or an illusion of the (perceived BIG) effort level involved.

Have you ever heard the question: "How do you eat an elephant?"

The answer is: "one bite at a time."

Yesterday, I wrote about "The Magic of Momentum" from the angle of an enthusiastic soul bolting from the starting blocks; sometimes, coming to a grinding halt due to lack of awareness of using pace (attempting to start in 4th gear, instead of first, and stalling).

Like a coin that has two sides of the one unit: if jumping out of the starting blocks enthusiastically and 'hitting the wall' is the 'heads', then procrastination is simply the 'tails'. BOTH require CHUNKING your goal or task down into 'bite sized' pieces.

Once you have a list of steps written down you can then take "one step at a time." Which, like getting up out of your chair now and walking "one-step-at-a-time" to your kitchen or water cooler for a drink of water to refresh your creative mind, and back to your desk to write the list, means you create momentum for yourself. It also creates a sense of fulfillment and very quickly compounds into massive action in other areas of your life also.

In addition to creating your list, or perhaps in helping you create it, is making yourself accountable to a friend, a family member, or even a life/business coach who can help you break your goal/task down into easily-achievable pieces.

If perhaps, you are stalling because you can't see the BIG picture yet, or feel like you are in a fog, with dim lights... then...

...Remember, in the words from a great man, "You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Magic of Momentum

Have you ever tried starting your car in fourth gear?

It coughs and stutters and 'gives up' with a stall as sudden as you set your intention to move forward.

Have you got your eyes, mind and heart set on a big goal?

Perhaps you want to get fit, or to become a certain weight or dress size. Or maybe you're dreaming of building a new business, or of writing a book, or perhaps building an investment property portfolio? What is your dream?

Whatever it is you want to achieve, you need a roadmap (or GPS) to get there. Either way, you need to know where you are, where you are going and a strategy (or multiple) of how to get there.

Have you ever had all the 'map of achievement' planned out, yet you have still stalled? It's likely because you started running out of the starting blocks, attempting a sprint, yet seriously mis-judging the event - which is a marathon.

Starting off in fourth gear, even for highly tuned sports cars, would still create a serious pause or halt to any good intention.

The key to successful goal achievement is to build momentum. Start in first, get the wheels going, build up some speed to shift into second gear, and...well you know how to drive a car.

Remember, like driving a car and coming to a stop light or gearing down to navigate a bend in the road, it's OK to also 'gear down' sometimes, towards your goal, in order to enjoy the scenery, negotiate a corner or cross-roads, or to pick up a passenger or two along your journey....

Remember enjoy the journey, and to celebrate your goal when you 'arrive.'

Friday, October 9, 2009

Are you a pain in the neck? ...Or perhaps, are you holding yourself back?

Are you, or do you have a "pain in the neck", literally?

Perhaps, you might be "holding yourself back?" ...with back pain.

This last week I have had a HUGE Awakening.

Whilst I focus so much on emotional and spiritual alignment; I have discovered, through the referral to an AMAZING chiropractor in Perth, Australia (by yet another amazing friend)... that the number one ALIGNMENT we need to first focus on is our BODY.

And it begins with the SPINE.

Through the SPINE, we protect perhaps one of the most valuable assets we each own - our spinal cord.

Our CNS - Central Nervous System.

In Short, Our CNS helps us to decipher our world. We interpret through our senses.

If we 'roadblock' any of the nervous system, we interrupt our FLOW of energy.

For years, I have spent ...thousands (dollars and time)... on massages to relieve my aching back and neck, of pain. Pain, that I had assumed related to muscular ache from over-activity from exercise, travel and using my lap-top. My discovery this week, through my experience with my Chiropractor and X-Rays, is that the issue is foundational.

I have a spine that has a lateral 'snake'-bend, instead of the normal balance of 'anterior-posterior' bend.

My cervical region (neck) also showed up with-out it's natural curve.

"Oh, that looks bad," I said to Dr Eric.

"No, it's not bad. Nothing's bad," he says. He assures me we can manipulate it to a much more structurally sound spine. One that gives me a foundation to build and create even greater health, again.

Dr Eric points out areas of my spine where there is evidence of trauma. From my self-confessed history he points out, "this is likely to be whiplash from a motor-vehicle accident, this from a fall or impact," he says as his voice becomes muffled... drowned out by the deafening tone in my head.

My mind instantly goes into over-drive, asking itself questions like, "Why didn't I come here sooner?" "What would my spine look like if I had of taken more (appropriate chiropractic) action after the work accidents?" "Or known about coming to a chiropractor after a 'traumatic impact?'

I am assured I am in the right place at the right time.

Today, was my fourth return to my chiropractor this week. He works on my body, and gives me a nod of approval.

"You are strong and flexible," he says, "Which is why I am pushing your body with a little extra conditioning." I am now even more grateful for my years of training as a gymnast and dancer.

My experience as a Paramedic for almost 8 years, along with my previous training as a Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor (through my early 20's) gives me a solid foundation to discuss in depth the central nervous system with him.

My additional training with Dr Victor Frank in St George, Utah with his TBM (Total Body Modification) technique, also prepares me for the SOT (Sacro-Occipital Technique) and his use of muscle kinesiology.

In short, I am curious and asking a lot of questions, as well as stimulating my Chiropractor's mind to share even more of what is going on in my body as a result of my spine.

I'm determined to align my spine as much as I have been to align my values, and spirit with my life.

As with all... it's takes conditioning. Old habits released, new ones practiced and retained.

Are you aware of your own alignment? Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually?

Are you feeling out of balance?

I highly recommend you seek out a wonderful Chiropractic practitioner to throroughly do a check-up with your spine.

Like a house (body) with a great foundation (spine), you can then build solid protective walls (muscles) and protect your home (body organs, tissues, cells)...

...Allowing your body and spirit's natural order of flow...

p.s. If you go to Dr. Eric Schwelm, let him know I recommended him to you. There is NO financial kick-back or additional benefit for me - other than the love of sharing the most amazing energy of an incredible BEING on this planet... determined to heal people to their highest order of health.. Ask him his story of how he became a Chiropractor, after being an Engineer for years... His story will amaze you :)

Love & Blessings,
Katie :o)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Break Your Agreements!

Yes, I said this.

Break your agreements!

At least, the ones that you made an unconscious commitment to yourself perhaps even years ago, that no longer serve you.

I'm often met with a furrowed brow when I make this suggestion.

Let me give you a personal example.

Many years ago, in a rather dysfunctional marriage, I was dishelevelled with great inner conflict, revolving around a few agreements I had just started to become aware of.

1) "I never quit" and;
2) "I have to be agreeable to be loved."

Now, even writing these two 'agreements' I had unconsciously made with myself then, I can now see how the two could create conflict on their own!

I realized the "I never quit" could perhaps get in my way of creating appropriate boundaries, especially as I evolve, and become even more discerning with what I want in life.

The same is true with, "I have to be agreeable to be loved."

Whilst in hindsight, I can see how I was molding myself in many ways to 'fit in' in order to live my illusion of who I must be in order to be loved, when I became conscious of this agreement with myself, I realised I was not serving myself, or others, at the highest level.

The truth is, my spirit already knew exactly what it wanted. But, back then, I had 'muted' the inner voice, drowned out by social conditioning and in some cases, role modeling my mentors in my environment at the time. The incongruency with my spirit and my chaotically (unconsciously) 'wired' belief system came to a crisis point of malfunction.... a blessing... for what now presented was an opportunity for me to 'rewire' my beliefs... now in alignment with my spirit.

I made a new agreement. To be Authentic. To be ME. And allow others to be THEMSELVES.

When I became aware of these two unconscious agreements I had at some point in my life made a commitment to, and then embedded them into myself (back then) as a part of my values system, I was then able to 'get back on track' to make a new decision.

A Conscious choice. A Conscious Agreement.

If you're wondering why you might feel 'stuck' in a certain area of your life, then perhaps a thought provoking opportunity for yourself is to sit quietly and ask yourself (ask your heart), "What have I agreed to, that no longer serves me now?"

And equally important, ask yourself....."What will I agree to now instead?"

You see, our bodies, and mind are always our best defense system. They do everything, and anything, to protect us, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Whilst some of the things may not make logical sense, they all have stepped up to serve you.

Now, it's time to become more conscious, and ask your body and mind to care for you at the HIGHEST LEVEL.

What new agreements will you commit to yourself, today?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Irradicate Irritation!....

Are you tired of seeing those things around you in your environment that annoy you?

Do you want to know how to cleanse your mind, soul and environment?

Then, create your 'Irritation List' NOW!

What does this mean?

Well, during my recent adventures and travels, a few months ago I met up with Jack Canfield (Co-Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series) in San Francisco back in June of this year.

Before I witnessed his amazing ability to speak with passion, compassion and SOUL, I had heard previously about becoming conscious of what irritates you in your environment, and intentionally going about clearing it.

I caught up with Jack, after his presentation of which I was reminded of this amazing technique to move forward in life at amazing speed once 'clearing the path.'

His specific instructions were clear: spend a few days noting down EVERYTHING in your personal and professional environment which irritate you. Perhaps it includes the stapler on your desk, that no longer works efficiently yet you still use it. Or at home, the light bulb in the reading lamp you have forgotten to change for weeks.

Within in this list you will note small and large things that for one reason or another you have put off dealing with.

Deferring dealing with these irritations is sending a very dominant signal to your sub-conscious mind. It's sending a message, that perhaps sets you up for sabotage from moving forward.

The message is simple: "if you can't deal with this, then you can't deal with a bigger 'problem'..."

So, by spending a few days with intention, writing down everything that you can list as irritating you, the next step can be taken.

Dealing with it!

Whether you do it yourself, or delegate it out, once you have 'cleaned up' your environment, you will now create space for what is working in your life.

Allowing .... FLOW.....

Get rid of the old. Banish the broken. Donate or sell the things you no longer want or need.

And watch the magic of a Universal Law.. "Nature abhors a vacuum!"

If you would like more of Jack's marvelous tips, I highly suggest the 'White Bible'... his latest book, "The Success Principles".... A compilation of the best Success strategies in one book..


Thursday, October 1, 2009

How to create a Vision Board

The concept of a Vision Board is to clarify how you wish to design your life, or part there of.

Before you begin your Vision Board, sit quietly and ask yourself what is it you want? Set the intention of your desires in now designing your life. Perhaps some images will come to mind. Then, later as you search for images for your board, you may also be inspired with other images. However, it is important to first BE WITH YOURSELF, to see and know what is important to you, without the persuasion of media, the internet, or other people's desires. (Of course, you can 'borrow' desires through inspired sharing later). Also, when you go to create your board, set yourself up in a 'sacred space' with some soft, meditative music.

First you create a collage of images and words of affirmation to surround your conscious mind with images of what you want, how you want to live your life, who you want to become, what values you want to vibrate with on a daily basis.

There are several ways you can design your Vision Board.

It can be made under the pretext that:

  1. "You know exactly what you want", if you are clear about your desires or there is something specific you want to manifest, or to make a significant life change such as moving house/location, career, relationship etc.
  2. The "Opening and Allowing" Vision Board, if you feel resistant or hesitant to pin-point exactly what you want, because you simply are going through a transitional period of not knowing what you want. Or perhaps you know what you want, but are stuck on the "HOW?!" Often a transitional period of grief or depression sometimes experienced during a change of life circumstances: divorce, separation, a death, loss of job, etc can have you feeling 'stuck' in knowing exactly what you want. That is perfectly OK. In this case, you are encouraged to dream, spread your thoughts with wings and experience the magic happen.
  3. A Specific "Theme" Vision Board for a particular period of time (eg. 2009) or event, such as a Birthday, Celebration, Wedding, etc.
Personally, I have been creating Vision Boards every 6 months, with the focus on a year. I have found this to be extremely powerful, and have witnessed and experienced manifesting almost everything on my Vision Boards! Which is why I also review them regularly.

Just a note on the "Opening and Allowing" Vision Board: In creating a collage of images and positive affirmations, it can sometimes feel overwhelming, when in this emotional space of uncertainty.

I highly recommend a gentle and kind focus on healing images and positive affirmations to help you center your vibrational (energy) core.

If you find yourself being a tough critic eg, "you won't ever get that!" "that's never going to happen" etc and find yourself 'stuck' on the "HOW?" then creating the "Opening and Allowing" board will be a great opportunity for you to nurture your spirit and place yourself in a receptive state once again.

Remember, you can always update your Vision Board again, as you shift emotionally. You will find that as you start attracting some of your desires into reality, you will gain emotional momentum in magnetizing even more.

You can also create a combination of all three types of Vision Board strategies. The key is to trust and follow YOUR INTUITION.

Methods to design your board:

Traditional: Using Poster Board
  1. Traditionally, you will pick a large sized piece of poster board, and pick a color that resonates with you at the time of creating it.
  2. Collect images and affirming words (I also like emotions: eg 'JOY!' 'Gratitude,' 'Abundance') from magazines, internet, etc which depict the vision of your life or event that you wish to create. Play with these against the poster board, moving them around to what feels right for you.
  3. Glue everything onto the board, add any additional writing or embellishments you desire.
  4. Create a space in the middle of the board to place a picture of yourself radiating joy, laughter, happiness. The BEST photo you can find, or take, which has you in an energetic field of love, laughter, joy. One that you also remember a magic moment.
  5. Frame your poster board, and hang it where you will see it every single day, and often.
  6. Take a photo of your poster board, laminate the photo and stick to your diary or journal, to give yourself an extra 'Vision Board' to focus on regularly throughout the day. This also allows you the opportunity to share your Vision Board with like-minded people who are interested in your journey (you will be amazed at what 'miracles' show up when you share your vision with people you now begin to attract into your life to help you create the life of your dreams.)
Digitally on your computer
As a frequent global traveler, I have changed my strategy of Vision Board creation to a digital version.
  1. Open up a new word document (pc) or pages file (mac), choose landscape page set-up
  2. Google images online of what you want to add to your Vision Board.
  3. Create word text and positive affirmations to overlay on your Vision Board.
  4. As with the traditional Vision Board, add a picture of you on the board, preferably in the center.
  5. Save as a PDF, and keep a copy stored on your desktop for daily viewing.
  6. Print a copy (A4), laminate and carry with you. (I have mine with me everywhere I go, keeping it next to my bed whether I stay at a hotel, at a friend's place, or in a campervan!)
  7. You can also save each image to a new word document and run the collective images as a screen saver, as an additional way to 'view' your Vision Board even more often.
Note: there are also now Vision Board Software products available to help you create your Vision Board even faster, using templates to guide you. A GREAT example is a product by Ryan Higgins, called Mind Movies.

Remember, you want to be able to SEE your Vision Board as often as possible. You are creating the SEEDS of desire, CLARIFYING your Vision, and INVITING your desires into your life.

The caveat is.... You must FEEL great when you SEE your vision board. When you focus on your vision board, stay centered in gratitude for all that you have NOW, and all that is on it's way to you NOW. The other part of this equation, is that as you see and feel yourVISION, you will cause yourself to think different thoughts, take different actions, behave and believe in a newer way, now beginning to attract what you want into your life.

Some Extra Tips:

  1. Have FUN! Be Playful! ALLOW YOURSELF to DREAM BIG!
  2. Create an afternoon of play with family or friends, who also want to create their Vision Board.
  3. Allow yourself time to complete it, and 'tweak' it. (My first Vision Board took me three days to complete).
  4. Consider BALANCE: Spiritual, Financial, Assets, Relationships, Self, Lifestyle, Health & Fitness, Environment. Also, when laying out your images, consider keeping them in segments, in some orderly fashion, linking the images up in how it makes sense to you.
  5. Get photos of you experiencing what you want already. Consider going to 'test drive' a car, or walk through that home you want. Get a picture of you IN the car, versus cutting one out of a magazine or brochure.. You lock that emotional image in even more, with greater magnetizm.


If you've found this blog valuable, I invite you to leave your feedback in the comment box below. I would also LOVE to hear from you when you have completed YOUR Vision Board, and now in the slip stream of manifesting more of what YOU WANT into your life!