Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Melbourne, Munchies, Mentoring and Mishaps

I arrived in Melbourne on Monday
, for a four day catch-up with great friends, and to attend Dale Beaumont's "Propel Your Profile" event.

As always, my life is packed, daily, with adventure of all sorts.

My first day in this beautiful city I was greeted with warm sun kisses as the weather glowed with the hint of summer arriving. My friend Kim, picked me up from the airport and we headed straight out to lunch on the waterfront. Tapas and talking... we were in our element!

Tuesday, Kim indulged me in finding a Spa so I could get a foot massage. With recent chiropractic treatment, my practitioner has warned me to steer clear of body massages for awhile, but that a foot massage was OK.

The hiccup came with the way I was sitting in the lounge chair for the hour. The chair being an overstuffed delicious couch, was too big for me. My lower back being compromised as I stretched my legs forward onto the footstool.

At the end of the hour, my feet felt fantastic. My lower back ached. As I walked out of the store I sensed I needed to rest, not walk.

That evening, whilst preparing to go out for the "Propel Your Profile" event being presented by Dale Beaumont (Author and Publisher of the "Secrets of...... Exposed" series) I made the fatal mistake of the 'head flick' whilst blow drying my hair. As my back pinched with a piercing pain I was reminded of an exact same scenario of a patient I attended to early in my previous Paramedic career.

Gasping for breath as I clutched the vanity counter to support myself, I cursed at the timing. Able to straighten myself up with favouring my left leg, I hobbled out of the bathroom ready for the event but concerned about my back.

"Oh my God!" Kim cried. "Are you alright?"

"No! But I'm going to the event."

I mustered my strength and supported my body as best I could for the 3 hours we attended the seminar. I squirmed in my chair, shifting to avoid pain and to support my back.

I began wondering about the next phase of my journey coming up.... heading to Adelaide for a house boat tour. I sat thinking also about my recent illness over a week ago with a 'stomach bug' that turned out to be 'food poisoning'... I believe everything happens for a reason, so perhaps I'm getting plenty of hints to slow down for a little while.

Attending the "Propel Your Profile" event was as destined as I had expected. Whilst on my recent travels in Europe, I had followed Dale's (and his wife, Katherine, and son, Finnigan) journey throughout Europe also. I had made a mental note that I wanted him as one of my mentors in my life. When I arrived in Australia the opportunity to come to this event 'showed up'.

Law of Attraction.

And I am excited to say I am weaving the threads of all the learnings from so many of my courses and travels these last few years, into a wonderful tapestry with Dale's direction. He is a wonderful example of someone 'Walking their Talk' and emanates one of my highest values, Integrity.

That night, back in bed, I couldn't get comfortable. My sleep disrupted by my back 'catching' any time I moved or attempted to roll over. I finally fell asleep again at 5am and slept through to just after noon. The house was empty, void of any sound of Kim or Jaydan, her two year old.

After hobbling out to the lounge room, I found a note on the table that she was out having coffee at her parents. I called her.

"How's your back?" She asked.

"Not good," I'm disappointed to advise. "I'm wondering if I can get an urgent appointment with Jason's (her husband's) chiropractor?"

A few hours later, I'm booked to see an alternate chiropractor only ten minutes away. He can see me today.

When I went to the appointment and explained my history, current situation and also his assessment he advised me, "I'm afraid you have a disc bulge at L4."

"Oh no," I'm teary. I'm determined to continue my holiday on the house boat in Adelaide this week. He says, "see how you feel tomorrow. You might change your mind."

"At least once I'm on the house boat I can rest," I justify. "It's not like I'm going on a trek!"

"True," he says. "Let's book you in for tomorrow also, before you go on your flight."

I'm touched by the level of care and professionalism from him. He's gentle and kind, supportive even.

So this morning, I have woken up 'stiff and sore' from the treatment yesterday. I'm more confident than yesterday, with my back supported with a brace, my nerves less jangling with the aid of Voltaren, and my back being iced every 10 minutes to soothe the inflammation.

I'm heading to Adelaide today.

I'm grateful to rest. I see this as a gift for me to focus on my health, on my heart, on my spirit and to do some mind-mapping for the coming business projects I have in the pipeline.

Mostly, I'm grateful for my financial independence. For the freedom to rest and relax, even on a house-boat, without the fear of income drying up.

Financial Freedom was always a dream of mine through my teens and twenties. Now in my early Thirties I am fortunate to be at a level in life to recreate and design my life on yet another level.

The point of sharing my story is, that even with a 'blessed' financial life (self-created), all sorts of issues still occur: health, relationships, family, even monetary (just usually with a few more 0's added to the dollars).

Never let any 'issue' get in the way of your goal.

I loved a message Dale Beaumont shared at his event with regards to getting what you want: "If you can't get in through the front door, go around the back door. If you can't get in the back door, go through the side window. If you can't get through the side window, go down the chimney!"

Find a way to live life on your terms. Fulfill your dreams. And dare to dream BIG! Make it happen and NEVER give up.

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