Thursday, October 8, 2009

Break Your Agreements!

Yes, I said this.

Break your agreements!

At least, the ones that you made an unconscious commitment to yourself perhaps even years ago, that no longer serve you.

I'm often met with a furrowed brow when I make this suggestion.

Let me give you a personal example.

Many years ago, in a rather dysfunctional marriage, I was dishelevelled with great inner conflict, revolving around a few agreements I had just started to become aware of.

1) "I never quit" and;
2) "I have to be agreeable to be loved."

Now, even writing these two 'agreements' I had unconsciously made with myself then, I can now see how the two could create conflict on their own!

I realized the "I never quit" could perhaps get in my way of creating appropriate boundaries, especially as I evolve, and become even more discerning with what I want in life.

The same is true with, "I have to be agreeable to be loved."

Whilst in hindsight, I can see how I was molding myself in many ways to 'fit in' in order to live my illusion of who I must be in order to be loved, when I became conscious of this agreement with myself, I realised I was not serving myself, or others, at the highest level.

The truth is, my spirit already knew exactly what it wanted. But, back then, I had 'muted' the inner voice, drowned out by social conditioning and in some cases, role modeling my mentors in my environment at the time. The incongruency with my spirit and my chaotically (unconsciously) 'wired' belief system came to a crisis point of malfunction.... a blessing... for what now presented was an opportunity for me to 'rewire' my beliefs... now in alignment with my spirit.

I made a new agreement. To be Authentic. To be ME. And allow others to be THEMSELVES.

When I became aware of these two unconscious agreements I had at some point in my life made a commitment to, and then embedded them into myself (back then) as a part of my values system, I was then able to 'get back on track' to make a new decision.

A Conscious choice. A Conscious Agreement.

If you're wondering why you might feel 'stuck' in a certain area of your life, then perhaps a thought provoking opportunity for yourself is to sit quietly and ask yourself (ask your heart), "What have I agreed to, that no longer serves me now?"

And equally important, ask yourself....."What will I agree to now instead?"

You see, our bodies, and mind are always our best defense system. They do everything, and anything, to protect us, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Whilst some of the things may not make logical sense, they all have stepped up to serve you.

Now, it's time to become more conscious, and ask your body and mind to care for you at the HIGHEST LEVEL.

What new agreements will you commit to yourself, today?

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