Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Magic of Momentum

Have you ever tried starting your car in fourth gear?

It coughs and stutters and 'gives up' with a stall as sudden as you set your intention to move forward.

Have you got your eyes, mind and heart set on a big goal?

Perhaps you want to get fit, or to become a certain weight or dress size. Or maybe you're dreaming of building a new business, or of writing a book, or perhaps building an investment property portfolio? What is your dream?

Whatever it is you want to achieve, you need a roadmap (or GPS) to get there. Either way, you need to know where you are, where you are going and a strategy (or multiple) of how to get there.

Have you ever had all the 'map of achievement' planned out, yet you have still stalled? It's likely because you started running out of the starting blocks, attempting a sprint, yet seriously mis-judging the event - which is a marathon.

Starting off in fourth gear, even for highly tuned sports cars, would still create a serious pause or halt to any good intention.

The key to successful goal achievement is to build momentum. Start in first, get the wheels going, build up some speed to shift into second gear, and...well you know how to drive a car.

Remember, like driving a car and coming to a stop light or gearing down to navigate a bend in the road, it's OK to also 'gear down' sometimes, towards your goal, in order to enjoy the scenery, negotiate a corner or cross-roads, or to pick up a passenger or two along your journey....

Remember enjoy the journey, and to celebrate your goal when you 'arrive.'

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