Friday, October 9, 2009

Are you a pain in the neck? ...Or perhaps, are you holding yourself back?

Are you, or do you have a "pain in the neck", literally?

Perhaps, you might be "holding yourself back?" ...with back pain.

This last week I have had a HUGE Awakening.

Whilst I focus so much on emotional and spiritual alignment; I have discovered, through the referral to an AMAZING chiropractor in Perth, Australia (by yet another amazing friend)... that the number one ALIGNMENT we need to first focus on is our BODY.

And it begins with the SPINE.

Through the SPINE, we protect perhaps one of the most valuable assets we each own - our spinal cord.

Our CNS - Central Nervous System.

In Short, Our CNS helps us to decipher our world. We interpret through our senses.

If we 'roadblock' any of the nervous system, we interrupt our FLOW of energy.

For years, I have spent ...thousands (dollars and time)... on massages to relieve my aching back and neck, of pain. Pain, that I had assumed related to muscular ache from over-activity from exercise, travel and using my lap-top. My discovery this week, through my experience with my Chiropractor and X-Rays, is that the issue is foundational.

I have a spine that has a lateral 'snake'-bend, instead of the normal balance of 'anterior-posterior' bend.

My cervical region (neck) also showed up with-out it's natural curve.

"Oh, that looks bad," I said to Dr Eric.

"No, it's not bad. Nothing's bad," he says. He assures me we can manipulate it to a much more structurally sound spine. One that gives me a foundation to build and create even greater health, again.

Dr Eric points out areas of my spine where there is evidence of trauma. From my self-confessed history he points out, "this is likely to be whiplash from a motor-vehicle accident, this from a fall or impact," he says as his voice becomes muffled... drowned out by the deafening tone in my head.

My mind instantly goes into over-drive, asking itself questions like, "Why didn't I come here sooner?" "What would my spine look like if I had of taken more (appropriate chiropractic) action after the work accidents?" "Or known about coming to a chiropractor after a 'traumatic impact?'

I am assured I am in the right place at the right time.

Today, was my fourth return to my chiropractor this week. He works on my body, and gives me a nod of approval.

"You are strong and flexible," he says, "Which is why I am pushing your body with a little extra conditioning." I am now even more grateful for my years of training as a gymnast and dancer.

My experience as a Paramedic for almost 8 years, along with my previous training as a Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor (through my early 20's) gives me a solid foundation to discuss in depth the central nervous system with him.

My additional training with Dr Victor Frank in St George, Utah with his TBM (Total Body Modification) technique, also prepares me for the SOT (Sacro-Occipital Technique) and his use of muscle kinesiology.

In short, I am curious and asking a lot of questions, as well as stimulating my Chiropractor's mind to share even more of what is going on in my body as a result of my spine.

I'm determined to align my spine as much as I have been to align my values, and spirit with my life.

As with all... it's takes conditioning. Old habits released, new ones practiced and retained.

Are you aware of your own alignment? Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually?

Are you feeling out of balance?

I highly recommend you seek out a wonderful Chiropractic practitioner to throroughly do a check-up with your spine.

Like a house (body) with a great foundation (spine), you can then build solid protective walls (muscles) and protect your home (body organs, tissues, cells)...

...Allowing your body and spirit's natural order of flow...

p.s. If you go to Dr. Eric Schwelm, let him know I recommended him to you. There is NO financial kick-back or additional benefit for me - other than the love of sharing the most amazing energy of an incredible BEING on this planet... determined to heal people to their highest order of health.. Ask him his story of how he became a Chiropractor, after being an Engineer for years... His story will amaze you :)

Love & Blessings,
Katie :o)

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