Saturday, November 7, 2009

Service with Heart

Living Adventures of the Heart! It's what I do best!

To me it means showing up every day in life to play full-out.

Sometimes, that means physical adventures, and it also means expanding past the self-limiting boundaries I perceive in my own personal life journey. Every day is an adventure!

I'm back in Perth, settled in after an amazing ten day adventure to Melbourne, then Adelaide, South Australia to reunite with friends (from probably my most magical adventure yet - a trip to Antarctica back in Jan/Feb of this year.)

This post is about a wonderful ...and quite frankly, the BEST SERVICE I have ever experienced from any restaurateur.

Meet George McArdle, the venue manager for "Bombay Bicycle Club," a unique restaurant in Adelaide.

This story is all about his BIG HEART and a memorable experience. (I've also just noticed the t-shirt I was wearing that day. I believe there is no co-incidence, only co-creation. By the way, that white band around my waist was my back brace supporting me after my 'spontaneous' injury on Tuesday.)

I arrived at the Adelaide airport at 3pm on Thursday 29th October from Melbourne to be greeted by my friends Peer and Margaret, who are literally my close neighbours and had flown in from Perth. Erika also greeted me with a welcoming smile and a hug. She lives in Adelaide and was picking us up. We had flown in to prepare for an amazing houseboat holiday adventure on the Murray River (that blog post is coming next!).

We were all hung
ry, so headed straight out to the Bombay Bicycle Club which Erika was excited to recommend to us.

Unfortunately, when we arrived we were advised initially by George that the kitchen wasn't due to be open for another two hours!

"Wow! Really? We've been anticipating amazing food here, recommended by our friend," I sa
id, pointing to Erika. "We've just flown in and we're hungry!"

"Sorry," he said. But he looked undecided.

We all gently asked if there was any alternative food available. There wasn't anything we wanted.

"Okay," I breathed out. We all looked at each other, slowly preparing to head off.

"Wait!" George says. "I can't promise anything, but let me go see if the chef is in yet and is prepared to make something up early. I'll be right back. But I'm not promising anything."

He came back with a BIG smile. We all whooped with joy!

We kept it simple. We all decided on the delicious 'Salt & Pepper Squid.' My heart was singing for his kindness, opening up his restaurant early for us to eat and enjoy their fare.

George, if you're reading this... again, THANK YOU! You made a decision that affected four people in a powerful way. Just as well, I'm a 'big-mouth' and love to share with people wonderful stories that exemplify excellence and Living Adventures Of The Heart.....

In return for your kindness George, I am absolutely excited to share your restaurant details.

For a great restaurant experience: ambiance, service, food and wine. Next time you're in Adelaide head on over to The Bombay Bicycle Club

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