Monday, November 9, 2009

Wine review: Tickle your taste buds at Yangarra Estate Vineyard

Are you a wine lover? If, yes, then do I have a great wine estate recommendation for you!

On my last day in Adelaide last week, I went along with my friends to
Yangarra Estate Vineyard in McClaren Vale, to taste some delicious wines.

Our host in Adelaide, Erika (and her fun-loving husband, and my friend Haydan) announced the surprise private tasting on Monday night. Her son, who works in the hospitality industry had kindly arranged our 'group date' with his contact at the winery.

When we arrived, Tom Kriegshauser introduced himself as the sales manager for Australia. His thick American accent caught my attention.

"Where in America are you from?" I asked.

"St Louis, Missouri," he smiled.

We settled into a relaxing lounge 'tasting' room. As usual, I was prepared with both camera and video in hand to capture the magic m
oments whilst we enjoyed the Yangarra wines.

p.s. I list my favourites as the Voignier (White - "The nose is a ripe and exotic mix of jasmine and white nectarines. The plate is fresh and crisp with stone fruits and citrus. A hint of creaminess brings harmony to the long crisp finish."

The Cadenzia (Red - "The nose is a mix of beetroot, cherries and creme caramel. The flavours are rich and lush with black fruits and silky tannins. With airing the wine reveals characteristic flavors of boot polish, dark chocolate, flint, dried roses and lavender.
") is my number one recommendation! :)

p.p.s. I'm of the faction who believes red wine is GOOD for your HEART! In moderation, it's certainly a great joy to the taste buds, and a masseur to the soul! :o)

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