Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving - celebrate EVERY day with Gratitude

arrived yesterday and I had the privilege to celebrate it with my American family here in the USA.

I arrived back in the States on the eve of Thanksgiving (Wednesday 25th November) with enough time to settle into the new time zone before mixing a little alcohol with plenty of conversational skills and a tonne of turkey!

I LOVE this Celebration. And the truth is, it's how I celebrate EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE...

...with GRATITUDE...

It is the number ONE key to my life success.

Being GRATEFUL for all the abundance I am, have and do in my life.

A little hint I would love to share is that one of my automated patterns I run through every day with myself is... The discipline of Gratitude.

As soon as I wake up, I'm already smiling as I run a list of a minimum of 10 things I am genuinely grateful for in my life.
  • My cat snuggling up into my arm as I wake up to a beautiful day
  • The sun shining as it lifts my soul
  • The rain pouring as it waters the garden and gives me the opportunity of a day to snuggle up in warm clothes.
  • The clean filtered water I drink
  • My family and friends
  • The breath I take as I get to wake up to another day of wonder on this earth.. get my drift.

And... it doesn't stop there!

Throughout the day I am CONSCIOUS of being Grateful for EVERYTHING.

I've learned throughout my life that there is no judgment of 'good' and 'bad'... it's only an illusion. Everything... JUST IS.

With this belief system it makes your world view one of wonder and awe. Whether something magical happens in the form of turning out as a 'pleasant' surprise, or in the form of something we didn't expect, there is.... ALWAYS A HIGHER REASON...

So with this in mind, it keeps you in faith, trust and gratitude for all that is...

Sometimes, the gifts are presented to us wrapped up tight with several layers. Just because it's wrapped up, and not yet visible, doesn't mean it's not a GIFT!

So.... say THANK YOU!

For every situation, person and event that evolves and passes into or out of your life...for it IS ALL FOR A HIGHER PURPOSE for our souls to grow, learn, love and break through to our higher spirit in a state of Joy.

How do you tap into this?


The added benefit is, as you become CONSCIOUS of this process and habituate it, you also start to stack MAGIC MOMENTS of the day... as you sleep at night, you can do what I do also, and again say "THANK YOU!" for EVERYTHING that happened for the day while you run a 'mini-mind-movie' of Magic Moments from the day to help you drift off to sleep with a smile on your face and the light ON within your soul.

You might already unconsciously run a mind-movie of worry, what 'didn't work', and conversations or events that you are criticizing yourself, or another, about.

If this is true for you, then well done! You have the technique of running your mind-movie down! Now, you just need to change the scenes to events, feelings and MAGIC MOMENTS to EMPOWER you....

And with this new habit.... watch and discover the MAGIC UNFOLD and how you ATTRACT even more ABUNDANCE into your life!

Love & Blessings and a Tonne of Gratitude,

Katie Gilbert
"The Global Butterfly"


  1. AWESOME... I love it!!
    Shine On Katie, you are amazing!

  2. Great points you make Katie. Fantastic that you were in US for Thanksgiving.

  3. :o) Thank You.. Shine On and Live Large!

    Happy New Year!


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