Monday, November 16, 2009

Relaxation is a habit... Being in the flow

Relaxation is a habit. The more it's practiced, the easier it becomes to slip into the 'flow' and...


In this fast-paced world it's easy to get caught up in the multiple focuses of our lives: To be an attentive spouse, parent, and contributing business partner or full-time employee. Then there's the friend circuit, courses, sport, contribution.. and the list goes on and on.

Are you feeling perhaps a little 'torn' and 'stretched' and yearning for some ..'T I M E... O U T!" ?

I'm fully aware that it can sometimes be a mental trap to listen to the logical chorus of voices going on inside my head, telling me "you don't have time to stop!" or "keep going, and you can have 'X' later" (yet 'later' never comes).

Yet, I'm sure like me, you have had many life experiences and references that you can draw upon, that indeed when you DO STOP and pause to take time out for yourself and to gravitate back to your center, then you empower your life even more. You also have better outcomes. Results are accelerated. And Goals are achieved... in record time.

How is it so?

I once heard one of my Spiritual mentors, Guru Singh, say "there is no such thing as time or space. Time was invented so that not everything happened all at once; And space, so that it doesn't all happen to 'me'"...

There is this Universal element that expands beyond our usual socially conditioned beliefs, that there is only so much time. And whilst in the context of a 24-hour clock, this is true.

Yet, when we touch base with our soul, we have no fiber of time in the web of life. Everything is, already is, and has always been.

I'll let that statement sit with you a little..

Go on, let it resonate with your soul. It's OK to give your mind permission to take a short vacation right now, whilst you relax into your spirit and embrace this concept.

Whilst you are there.... grab a cup of herbal tea, take some time out for yourself and watch the magic flow....

Remember to make some time now, to relax in the areas of your life that need your attention to ground, center yourself and breathe.

Take a mini-break.

Go ahead, do it now.

Even a 5 minute meditation or relaxing time-out with a cup of herbal tea will give you a renewed sense of energy and empower you to create even more in your life... being in the flow!

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