Monday, November 9, 2009

Living Adventures Of The Heart on a Houseboat - Murray River, South Australia

This month I experienced living adventures of the heart on a luxurious houseboat!

It was a gathering of like-minded adventurers; a reunion of some of our group that traveled to Antarctica in January and February earlier this year.

It was also my
first experience on a houseboat, and in the region within South Australia where we cruised down (up?) the Murray River.

'Captain' Andy, one of our fellow adventurers had thrown out an invite to u
s via email a few months ago to gather here on these magical waters and to share the wonderful experience on his houseboat. I took the bait! It was the best bite of the trip! (Peer tried his hand at fishing and barely got a nibble!)

There were so many highlights, and many captured within the first of the four days of c

My back was sti
ll on the mend so instead of participating directly in the water sports and rough play (water fights and 'people' tossing into the river were just a few) I enjoyed capturing the magic moments with my camera.

On day two, Andy took us out in the dingy through the marshlands, tearing through the river 'alleyways' and reeds. The air became polluted with our squeals and laughter as Andy steered and belted our way through the narrow channels.

Matt got whipped around on the tube behind t
he ski boat, as did apparently his shorts! The men decided to entertain us with a visual to remember: re-routing the ski-boat direction so Matt could zip past us (we were sitting on the back deck of the houseboat), baring all his glory, lying face up on the tube and giggling.

We spent four glorious days laughing, loving and living adventures of the heart.

The games didn't stop at dusk. Instead, they magnified as the affect of plenty of wine and beer flowed.

Card games became a spectacle at night-tim
e as body slapping occurred with a "King," "Queen," "Jack," or "Ace." Andy led the group, apparently bending the rules on occasions. He liked to win! And he certainly had quality competition.

For four days, we ate like kings and queens. Whilst we all pitched in, Erika mostly commandeered the kitchen and spoiled us with her love and passion for cooking. Normally I'm the 'Kitchen Queen', so I lavished the opportunity to have someone else be in charge of (most of) the cooking.

The men (mostly Peer) took care of cooking on the BBQ out on the back deck. The first morning used most of the eggs.

The rest of the eggs were used the following day, 'trick-or-treat' style as egg-throwing occurred on Halloween. I dodged the mucky affair, witnessing the hil
arity whilst behind the sanctity of the glass sliding door to the deck, avoiding being egg-slapped and possibly pushed into the water.

The magic moments stacked high for the long weekend that we enjoyed together. The weather was perfect, warm and inviting to sit out on the top deck at night. The sunsets lit up the sky with majestic oranges, pink and gold rays of light. The crack of dawn reflected it's stillness in the smooth water, mirroring the reflection of the trees on the banks and the clouds forming gentle puffs of white cotton wool.

Perhaps my favourite magic moments are all the ones connecting deeper with each of my friends, forming stronger bonds in friendship and love with like-minded souls.

Thank you Andy for the opportunity to experience such joy and fun on your beautiful luxurious houseboat, and connecting with you all again.

Remember... "Life is either a great adventure, or nothing at all." ~Helen Keller~

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