Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Outsource It.. And Get Your Life Back!

My mind has been running at full-speed these last few weeks.

I've been 'quiet' because I've been creating more systems again.

I'm so excited to share my strategies and those of other experts which I will also bring their expertise and experience to you too, of how to outsource your business, so that you can have a life!

As an entrepreneur, it is often a tragedy to witness the entrenchment of the 'business person' who becomes entrapped within their DOING.. wrapped up tightly like a cocoon, feeling suffocated, wondering where that dream lifestyle and the time they imagined they would have, has gone.

Does this feel like a familiar story to you?

That's why most people get into business isn't it? To live the imagined higher life? To have more time? More money? More control of your schedule?

Well.. as 'The Global Butterfly", I'm delighted to enlighten you and share the strategies of how to metamorphasize your business and yourself into the wonderful butterfly (or dragonfly - for the men) and spread your wings with freedom to fly.

Here's how you get your time back....

  • You start with creating a vision of your life as you see how you want to live it.
  • Then you get clear on all the tasks required to be done within your business.
  • Once you are clear on these tasks, you then create systems with as many of the tasks as possible.
  • Then outsource them!
  • You can automate many other aspects of your business (and personal life) also.
  • Only stick to 'working' on the stuff you are GREAT at.
  • Outsource the rest!

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There are many mind-set factors required to make the shift. For you to get different results, you are going to need to create new habits and stick with them to create new results. The fastest way to do this, is to role-model those that have already achieved the success that you wish to create in your life also.

Here is a short video (2 mins 30 secs) of just some of the magic memories of the way I spent my time in 2009. May it inspire you to think of some of the ways you'd like to spend YOUR time...


  1. You've pulled at all my travel/adventure/own drum/soul etc strings. And coincidently/synchrodestiny we know some of the same people. Your blog popped up as a recommendation. I will definately be following now. Great

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Thank you for your feedback =) ..The world is a very small place.. so we're bound to share some similar contacts =)
    Live your greatest adventure!


Thank you for your feedback :o)