Monday, September 7, 2009

Inspirational Beach (Life) Games..

Inspirational Beach Games.

Every day we have been heading to the beach in the afternoon for some European summer fun.

And every day we begin with frolicking in the water, playing our 'bat and ball' game.

We were extra challenged these last few days with the additional surf as the wind blew a little harder and the current tugged at our legs. Needless to say, we laughed and played as the sun kissed our skin, despite the not so 'perfect' conditions.

As we bantered with our game, it occurred to me how even a simple game, such as we were playing, reflected symbolism of larger life.

There were shots missed, and some hit well. There were times the ball came within easy hitting range, and times it was out of reach. In those times, do you just stand still and wonder why it didn't come closer? Or blame the other person for not hitting it to you 'easily'? Or do you ..S T R E T C H... and take a risk, and leap, perhaps even dive for the ball?

What are your thoughts whilst you play the game (of life)?

Are you 'stuck' in a moment of emotion which you are carrying forward into every new opportunity now, in each and every moment, blinding yourself from new opportunities being hit right at you?...

Or are you in the NOW, connected with your higher self, asking yourself quality questions, telling yourself wonderful empowering stories, causing you to be AWARE and ALERT to the ABUNDANCE of opportunities coming at you all the time? ...Even the ones that might look like they are out of your reach, but when you stretch and 'swing' you strike the 'ball' and empower yourself even more.

Our thoughts determine our outcome... our life. They determine how we choose to play. Our thoughts add fuel to how we feel. When we are telling ourselves empowering stories, we step up in life and become the hero or heroine... taking greater (intelligent) risks, swing at the opportunities more often, position ourselves to win with our posture and placement.. even when the conditions are not 'perfect'.

In the famous words of Norman Vincent Peale
- "Change your thoughts and you change your world"

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