Thursday, September 3, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness are essentially an act of expression towards ourselves. We see someone in need and we recognize, like looking in a mirror, that "it could possibly be me in need."

With each and every simple act of reaching out and giving a helping hand, we plant seeds of greatness into our own heart as well as the ones of those you directly (and indirectly) affect.

There is also the compounding effect you may never see or witness directly.. but know that it occurs.

Like any great tree which has grown from a seed, when given love, care and nurturing, it will grow into a healthy tower of strength, abundant with leaves and plenty of shade to then protect and nurture other beings...

So too occurs with your random acts of kindness. The energy you give manifests into the lives of so many others.

*** *** ***

Today, on my way to the supermarket to gather some basic ingredients for lunch, I passed a lonely man sitting huddled on the street corner near the store. As I entered into the shopping centre and made my way through the turn-style of the grocery market, I spied another man (this time with his small dog) also sitting outside the second entrance, quietly alone and ruffled in his difficult moment in time.

Both had caps gently laid out on the pavement to quietly ask for some pennies as you walk past.

I thought about what I could really offer them of VALUE. I had only taken enough Euro to the store to buy what I needed. And yet, in my heart, I knew I could make a difference to both these gentleman's lives....

"How can I serve them in a way to nourish their souls?" I thought.

With the small change I had left in my pocket, I bought several large bottles of water. I turned 54 cents into two valuable gifts.

Quietly I walked up to each man, now sitting in the warm heat of the Spanish mid-day sun.

With a smile I offered a bottle of water to each man. Each man in turn lit up with a SMILE of Gratitude.

One said "Gracias".. the other said "Thank You!" Both sent their love and kindness back to me through the energy of the heart connection.

I walked away, heading back to my apartment, pondering to myself... how will I generate even more love and kindness in this world tomorrow? Who's heart will I touch next?

And the truth is.. for each random act of kindness I make, the bigger MY heart grows..

What random act of kindness will you do today? Perhaps even a smile at a stranger, or a kind word or compliment, a bottle of water or a sandwich to a homeless person? Perhaps a friendly act for a neighbor in need?

...Remember too... to give yourself and loved ones random acts of kindness regularly also! :o)

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