Monday, September 14, 2009

Machu Pichu.... A flash back in time

Machu Pichu ...a flash back in time.

This day a year ago, I was spending my last day packing in Peru to head back to the USA.

My journey to Peru: Machu Pichu and the Amazon rank high among my list of "AMAZING" pilgrimages.

I left on my own, to spend two weeks away, with a guide...and five other ladies in Machu Pichu, and just one other lady in the Amazon.

My trek was to experience a life-long dream spurred on by a scholarly idea.

In mid-high school (year 10) I did the most amazing research project on Machu Pichu. Unfortunately, my teacher graded it with only a "C" because I hadn't followed the proper questions. I had instead, ventured off in my own private journey (perhaps telling of my soul's path), which he said "On it's own merits it's worthy of an "A+".

What the project did, was embed in my soul the burning desire to visit and experience Machu Pichu. This time last year, I did.

The vibrational field of this area is tremendous. After spending the courtesy two hours with my guide and small group, with a guided tour through the ruins... I meandered my own way around the historical treasures in a walking meditation, measuring every feeling tingling through my soul.

Often, like today, I feel an internal calling to return. It's sacredness is not only beautiful and magical, there is a recognition within my soul of this ancient land.

Few places I visit have this energetic pull on me.

*** *** ***

This week is my last week in Europe on this three month journey. These last twelve weeks have added other measurable experiences to my journey on the earth this time.

And while I spend my final days in Europe, resting in Calpe, Spain I have been reminiscing on the wonders, joys, experiences, love, laughter and many, many magic moments of touring through Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Lechtenstein, Italy, Republic of San Marino, Vatican City, France, Monaco, Andorra and Spain)... my heart and mind settles on the life-changing memories of my Peruvian experiences...

...perhaps my unconscious mind recalls the historical stories of the Spanish invasion of Peru... flashing up the odd image into my mind of the historical ages...

Whatever it is, I have felt compelled to journal today's thoughts and recollection of this magical trek.... one I feel perhaps I have done before, a looooooong time ago.


  1. Really enjoyed this post Katie, what a wonderful life journey you are on.


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