Thursday, September 10, 2009

P90X: I'm taking up the challenge!

My focus this week is reviewing my goals. Especially my health and fitness.

I've been basking in the Spanish sunshine these last few weeks, enjoying my meditation and clarity of mind to define, yet again, the details of my ideal world.

I'm living in it. I've created it. And I continue to refine it.

Since retiring from my job as a Paramedic in March 2008, I've been traveling the world, visiting every glorious continent, except Africa (so far).

With the joy of traveling and rising to new adventures, I've also had a wonderful time relaxing into 'vacation' mode for the majority of the last 17 months. That means, lots of delicious wine and great food, sampling the different delicacies and delights of each new culture I integrate myself into whilst being a guest in each country.

Traveling forward regularly, lots of flights, and in recent months, touring in a campervan, means I have made my fitness a lower priority. Certainly in the fashion I was accustomed to, with gym classes and equipment which would be far too cumbersome for a 16 foot campervan or a single suitcase!

Excuses aside and values re-adjusted... I have a renewed focus on my health and fitness as one adventure draws to a close here in Europe and a new one soon to begin back in Australia.

P90X, here I come! (For more information on this system,

Some friends of mine have recently taken up the challenge for the new P90X fitness system. I've been watching their progress and the gauntlet has been laid.

I love a challenge, and it certainly will be a stretch for me to get back into such a physical regime.

My memory jabs at my conscious... "you're even more dynamic when you are so fit!" I nod. I am. And I am excited with the reminder.

Many years ago, before my Paramedic days, I was a fanatical Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer for almost six years. Since then, I have maintained varying levels of fitness, adapted it to my previous shift work lifestyle, and to a much lower degree with traveling, but always focusing on health and fitness as one of my core values.

I attribute my focus on health and fitness over the years as a habit that became one of my greatest assets. It created the pattern of discipline, focus, determination, and pushing my own 'limits' to extend past them and GROW!

I've used this Habit of Success with my health and fitness over the years as a model for the attributes required for my financial, and lifestyle success.

To design a life on your own terms also requires a mind-set of 'attitude of gratitude', adaptability, constantly learning and an internal driving force to always create more, do better, and take the next step! Most of all, to never give up...

And you can change your life for the better at any time!

Like my level of fitness which has decreased over the last year and a half, when you shift your focus back onto what you want (a clear vision), make a decision, lock on to target and take ACTION, our level of success soars and has a wonderful ripple effect into other areas of your life also...

What area of your life today will you make a decision to improve on?

Health, Wealth, Finance, Assets, Relationships and Spirituality... all need to be balanced for a well rounded 'wheel' for you to enjoy the wonderful ride called 'life'....

Love and Blessings,

Katie Gilbert
"Global Butterfly"

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