Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Calpe Spain ...Climbing Calpe Rock (Pendond'Ifach)!

Calpe, Spain.. Climbing Caple Rock (also known as Penond'Ifach) was a magnificent adventure!

The journey up the mountain became a wonderful metaphor for life... and success!

It takes some effort, trust, faith, persistence, perseverance, tenacity, preparedness, a plan-of-action, vision of the end goal, team work, empowering self-talk, effective communication, and least of all ...courage... amongst many of the
MUST HAVE traits to succeed to complete your goal and achieve the outcome you desire! ....

Most of all..

And when you make it to the top of
YOUR mountain... you too will see the delights, sights and extra SPACE available to you...

Don't be one of the (too many) people who quit their dream or goal before they reach the top... Instead, move forward to experience and enjoy the magnificence of putting in the effort to create your life by design...

There is a trek. There are decisions to be made. There will be hurdles to overcome, and ramble to scratch your way through. There will also be beautiful, glorious views along the way, sometimes easy trails or paths to follow, the odd rope thrown your way to help you 'UP', fresh air, new awareness and awakenings as you realize your dreams manifest into reality....

Go... Now... Start climbing
YOUR mountain!

Love & Blessings,

Katie Gilbert
"Global Butterfly"

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  1. Hi, Katie, Love your Video. I live in Moraira, and today my partner and I went for a walk along Calpe beach and talked about climbing the rock, but had no idea how long of hard it was. Your video has been a massive help and we will take it on next weekend. If there is any kittens Im having them!!
    You are right, we are spiriitual beings having a human experience. Great isn't it!!
    Love to you Debra.


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