Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Perspective is all a matter of POSITION

This time last year, I was in a different position in life: mostly because of how I thought.

I had my head still underground, buried in the sand, right at the base of my 'problem' of not knowing my purpose of being in the USA (having traveled from Australia), after the illusion of a hopeful relationship disintegrating within thirty-six hours of arriving in the country!

It was an absolute gift, right from the start of the new journey. However, at the time, I just felt lost without direction. So for a while, I wandered through the streets of life, making a left turn here, a right turn there, and creating a lot of adventures along the way.

It wasn't long before I began to trust my internal guidance system, my personal GPS, which ventured me forth into realms I possibly would not have dared to go on my own prior to the 'relationship' period. With my new single status, and now a traveler, I followed my heart.

That took some learning. It was by default really, and not until today, where upon another flight (this time to Palm Springs, California) that I realized a clever little trick I had been creating for myself to help me embrace life, the challenges that come - BIG & SMALL - and for those 'problems' that occasionally temporarily appear to loom over me,
APPEARING too big for me to handle.

You see,
perspective is all an illusion.

Whilst up in the air today, admiring the geographical view from my window seat and snapping pictures by the dozen like a Japanese tourist, I had a big "AHA!!" moment.

Like many of us, I've traveled in airplanes (and helicopters) a lot, so have a regular visual of a"bird's eye view".

I became conscious that I have 'naturally' been creating a personalized visual process for everything I do in life. Not just for perceived 'problems' (which I call challenges), but also for the
BIG PICTURE for the majority of decisions I make in life.

If you've never been up in an air-craft (and yes, I have met many people who never have!) then use the picture above as a guide to create a visual in your mind's eye of what life looks like from a distance.


Unlike, when you are in the face of a problem, when you're up 'against the wall', can you distinguish the details of a house or garden from this height? No! ...Yet, the house you live in (quite possibly) is large and you can't see beyond your neighbour's fence.

The same happens when we sit low to the 'ground' in our perspective of an issue: whether that is an argument with a loved one, an opinion (from where you stand, based on what you personally have experienced: seen, heard, felt, and lived in your life) or a 'problem' that you currently have the illusion is bigger than you.

I've often imagined in my mind, pulling myself back, waaaaaaaay back from whatever it is that is concerning me. To remove myself, I dissociate as much as possible, to create a
WHOLE picture from many angles. In doing so, I raise myself above the horizon, so to speak, I can see more and come up with a solution at a higher level than the 'problem' was created.

Life is just a series of strategies... patterns... which every human being experiences.. No-one is alone. There is no problem that a single person has had, that isn't and hasn't been available to a multitude of others.

But one thing needs to be understood. If you have found yourself at the foot of a 'problem' you need to get to the head of it, to see above it, in order to create an empowering solution.

The strategy that got you to your problem, will not be the same strategy to help you solve it. This is where it is best to seek out a mentor, through reading, networking... or simply ASKING someone who has BEEN where you are at (but are now beyond) so you can recieve sage wisdom to grow and expand beyond with a solution that will raise you up to a whole new level.

Myth: If you have enough money, your problems are solved.
Truth: Your problems are just BIGGER and (hopefully) BETTER Quality - and usually financial 'problems' have extra zeros...

The Message: Life is a series of challenges. If you choose to live small, you will call them problems. If you choose to STEP-UP and embrace life: grow, become the fullest you can be and feel fulfilled in doing so, then STEP-BACK and look at the challenge as a whole unit.

It is from this perspective that you can create a series of empowering illusions, of possible outcomes to create a powerful solution: feeding your soul with love, growth and contribution to your life. It is from this advantage point that you empower yourself.


  1. I found this really inspiring and helpful! thank you

  2. Great post Katie!

    Few people realise the benefits of looking at things from a different perspective - if they did, then their lives would improve significantly (or they would at least perceive it that way!).

  3. Koko - then my mission is accomplished.. God bless!

    Michelle - Thank You.. My purpose is to help people realize the possibilities of a different perspective, that every human being operates from a different model of the world...and everyone has different life experiences.. many people are just unaware of the possibilitiy, or the tools required, to see things differently... No ONE is right or wrong. The question every person needs to ask themselves is, "Am I getting the empowering results I want? If not, then how do I need to think differently? How do I need to act differently?"



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