Thursday, May 7, 2009

Don't Let a Door of Opportunity Close on you!... Get your Foot in!

Today I have attended Billionaire, Bill Bartmann's Business Training in Palm Springs, California. It has been a day filled with growth, opportunity and many learnings; and sometimes in a fashion least expected.

Like, when I took a quick run to the restroom to take care of a pressing urge to balance up the impossible amounts of water I had consumed sitting through the morning session of the conference.

I had exited the main room through one of the many double doors which decorated the boundary of this abode. Whilst I could exit out of the nearest door to my seated location near the back of the room; the only ENTRY door people were able to gain access to the room was from the furthermost end where I sat.

When I came out of the ladies rest room, I faced the west side of the conference room, where I watched one of the doors ajar, beginning to close. I stood still in the hallway, thinking to myself "if I'm quick I could get through that door." But I stood still, and let the opportunity pass as the solid door gracefully closed and clicked shut.

I missed my chance.

Then I walked around the corner toward the north-side, intending to head toward the entry door closest to the north-east end of the room. As I rounded the corner, there was the door I exited, but generally is locked for entry. It too was ajar, even less than the previous door.

Without stopping to think this time, I lunged forward and grasped my chance to save myself the extra distance to enter the room; which meant to me that I would capture as much information as possible, not missing a beat!

My index finger hooked around the door jam, just as it was about to shut permanently. It was the equivalent of getting my toe in the door! I pulled back the heavy door and snuck into the room from the back and took my seat.

I took a few moments to recognize a beautiful lesson I had just embraced. I had watched one door of opportunity close on me, because I stood thinking about the possibility. The second time I recognized the next door of opportunity I seized the moment and took IMMEDIATE ACTION.

The result. I got in!

I also learned a second lesson.

Whilst we are conditioned to go through a certain path, as in the main entrance, which can be that extra distance away, or sometimes bottle-necked from a flow of traffic from the 'herd' of people following a beaten path.... it is always possible to seek doors (and windows) of opportunity to achieve our goal, if we take action when we see it and believe it's possible. In this case, I believed it was possible I could use this door as an entry in spite of the perceived 'rules' to use the main door.

I reflected on how such a simple moment I experienced is such a great metaphor in life.

Which doors of opportunity have you seen close, because you stood and thought about it? Are you keeping your mind and spirit at the 'readiness' for the next door (or window) of opportunity that presents itself to align you with your goal or path in life? Will you take immediate action?

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