Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Power of Gratitude

Today is an interesting roll over of effects. Like compound interest, hastened by a lot of debits added with time, so too is my life accumulating the fruits of my labour.

Yet, these last few days I found myself in a slump, compared to my usual high energy self. I’ve been wondering why on earth I haven’t felt as happy, and vibrating as high as usual? I considered the facts that I have been traveling a LOT these last few weeks. Haven’t drunk my usual daily allotment of water, so possibly dehydrated. I’m settling into a new place, but that’s not it either.

Then this morning, it dawned on me as I am sitting in Starbuck’s (my usual office in the USA) sitting here with ‘writers block’, satisfying my growling stomach with a sandwich for breakfast. I’m thankful as I chew and swallow my first bite.

Oh! I get it! I realized that in the last few days I hadn’t been practicing my usual morning gratitude questions I am so conditioned to acknowledge... and as a continuance (or lack there of) I hadn't been as focused on my continuous state of my awareness of Gratitude.

So I paused from my blank mind space where I have been trying to will forward my creative flow for writing, and just said “Thank you”. I focused on at least ten things that I am grateful for, right now! I’m grateful to be alive for another beautiful day to explore my life! I’m grateful for the amazing health I have right now. I’m grateful for the smile I brought to a strangers face a few moments ago because I smiled at them and acknowledged their presence. You get my drift.

It’s amazing how quickly that GRATITUDE sends a bolt of energy through the body and lights up the spirit.

Gratitude is an incredible gift. It lights up our souls, grounds us and keeps us present in the NOW. With gratitude, there is love. And with gratitude and love, there is no space for fear. It loosens up the network of fibers within our spirit to allow freedom for the soul to express it’s true desire. It helps us connect with our higher self and sets us on course to manifest our purpose: which at it’s highest level I believe is the same for us all - to be happy, joyful beings expanding every day in bringing light to the world through our own unique gifts.

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