Monday, May 4, 2009

Let Fear Of The Unknown Become Your Greatest Adventure

Each day and every moment brings with it the opportunity to say "Yes!"
YES! to your life.
YES! to setting a higher standard.
YES! to your living out your heart's desire and soul purpose.
YES! To taking action now...

It doesn't have to be a giant leap. A baby step is all that is required.
One after the other, with your mind firmly set on your goal,
but keeping your focus on the present and fully engaging in the
adventure you are in right now!

It begins now, with what you have and what you are doing;
Using your current circumstances to strengthen your spirit
and learn along your path now.

When you have expanded past your current 'boundaries'
You will naturally extend forward to that place in your mind
that you create in your vision of where you want to be,
and who you want to become.

Allow fear to become your ally instead of the foe you avoid;
Which only causes you to shrink back from a life you know you fully deserve now.
Let the act of grace combined with attitude become your highest values.
The combination of the two give you the power of gratitude.

Practice daily gratitude for what you have now, and for what is already on it's way to you; It just simply hasn't manifested itself yet.
May you step up in faith and serve your purpose at the highest level,
and ...let fear of the unknown become your greatest adventure.

- Katie Gilbert

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