Sunday, May 3, 2009

Too Much Baggage

This day last year
, the cab pulled up at the hotel to take me to the train station. I had booked a train, and then a bus to take me to San Jose. It was to be a long journey for the better part of the day.

Getting the three bags and my backpack from the cab inside the train station was a task. The abrasive, heavy set black woman behind the counter, told me where to put my bags on the scale to weigh them. One was too heavy, so I shuffled my gear to a corner and repacked my bags, sensitive to keep my underwear hidden from public view.

I fumbled through my belongings, wondering why I brought so much stuff. I now regretted bringing so much. My only option right now, was to take it with me.

I pulled the bags up and laid them on the scale, one at a time, as instructed. I held my breath, hoping they’d come in underweight. One was still over the limit by several pounds. The same lady looked at me, cocked her head and rolled her eyes.

“Lady, the bag needs to be under fifty pounds. No more! You’ll need to shift some of the weight into that bag.” She points to the first one, which weighed in at 46 pounds. The bag she was instructing me about is 58 pounds. It was still going to be over weight.

So I reworked my backpack to shift heavy items from the suitcase into my carry-on. And shuffled more into the other bag. She relented at two pounds over the limit.

*** *** *** ***

Today, I have ONE small suitcase full, and an empty one to bring with me on this next journey. I feel much lighter these days, and more selective about what I choose to carry as luggage.

Not just physical luggage. But emotional. I dumped a lot of it!

Through this journey, I have had many realizations. One that I can choose what to hold on to and what to let go of.

Now I carry the extra bag, empty of the trappings of life knowing at any time I can add to it, and carry for a short time those things I value now. Knowing, now, that at any moment I can release it if it no longer serves me, and better yet, if it can serve another for their journey...

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