Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The scent of a rose... beware the thorns!

Like any goal worth pursuing there is always beauty in the goal, a sweet trail if you follow the scent... just listen to your heart.

Like the rose, which is admired, beautiful, luxurious in smell when organically grown, so too is the evolution of a goal in it's growth.

A rose needs to be fertilized, watered, given sunshine and appreciated for its beauty. It also needs to be left alone sometimes, to grow and bloom... from a small bud into the multi-layers of it's magnificence... not unlike the heart... and our spirit in living our purpose.

There are times when the dead-wood needs to be pruned, to release the old energy and make way for new growth. It's important to be mindful of what no longer serves the goal (rose) and to cut back, in order for new and more flowering.

Beware the thorns, which are there to protect. If they harm, it is only because we have not paid attention. Like the yin and yang of life, there is the balance of everything... the light and the shadow of which we live.

And whilst we most often appreciate the rose in it's bud or full bloom, often now cut in long stems and sitting in a vase on our table... it is the journey for which created it, that is the essence of the true beauty.

Remember the journey, the growth and the organic process of the rose that smells the sweetest. Sometimes TIME is the missing ingredient in many of our highest goals in this fast paced culture most of us now live... beware of the forces to hasten a process, for like the thorns on the rose to protect, they just might prick you.. and like the flowers grown in haste to sell, they are often missing the beautiful ...and magical scent.

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