Monday, August 3, 2009

Inspirational messages in Florence, Italy

Inspirational message. From Florence, Italy.

Be INSPIRED by these beautiful images and inspirational messages to encourage you to live the life of YOUR dreams. YOUR Passion. Design YOUR life.

I've been touring Europe by camper van now for the last month and am having a blast. I'm inspired by the history of Europe and the energy that emanates from the earth here is connecting deeply with my soul.

Being an adventurer and a 'Global Butterfly' I have now been touring the world for 27 months. That's not a typo. Or an exaggeration. The last 15 of those months I have been in 'mini-retirement' having replaced my earned income as a Paramedic with a passive income. And whilst traveling, I've DOUBLED THAT within a year of quitting my job! It's been a conscious decision, and one I actually made many years ago. It's also been an incredible journey including every continent except Africa - so far!

I wish to inspire and encourage you that it is absolutely possible to design your life on YOUR terms. Including how and when you get paid - passively if you design your life with this ability, so you can use your time for your highest desires.

For me: that's traveling the world, capturing magic memories through photography and video, writing, cooking (when I get the use of a 'cucina' (kitchen) facilities), exploring, meeting people and just having a series of great laughs ....every single day.

I consider my life as a blessing, with deep gratitude.

I was not born into a family with a silver spoon in my mouth. Far from it. Bless my parents, but money was more often scarce than immediately available (that was the conditioning and illusion).

Possibly, like you, I often heard responses to my 'fun' requests (let alone the bigger dreams) of "money doesn't grow on trees," "What?! do you think I'm made of money?" and many other 'false illusions'.. these are only conditioned thoughts!

Thoughts repeated create BELIEFS. Beliefs determine your actions. Your actions determine your RESULTS.
What are you consistently thinking about?

With the opportunity to live my life on my terms, by CONSCIOUSLY creating and designing it to my speculations, comes a personal responsibility to teach you how I did it. I am now working on several projects to not only inspire you (and me), but also help you leverage your life to understand and connect with the personal empowerment you too can access.

Thought I'd share a FANTASTIC book by Timothy Ferris - "The 4-Hour Work Week" that has been a huge influence and empowering factor to shift my life from the '9-5' realm (or in my case 10-hour and 14-hour shifts) to the global traveler with passive income that is my life today.... automate your life!

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