Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dreams.. Desires.. Designing YOUR life!

How often do you dream about what you REALLY want? Do you visualize it daily? Are you open to looking (and receiving) the flow of opportunities when the 'window' (doors, gates, and many other 'portholes' in guises) opens up for you?

Are you ready to take a 'leap of faith' or are you holding yourself back with fear?



"All fear is self-created by imaging some negative outcome in the future" - Jack Canfield (one of my great mentors - whom I've met and interviewed).

What would you like to be/do/have, but perhaps are holding yourself back with a fantasized experience, a false illusion?

  • Would you like to leave the job you hate to explore your passion?
  • Would you like to ask that girl you have your eye on out on a date?
  • Would you like to book that dream holiday, and perhaps even go on your own?
  • What about delegating some (or many) of your personal and business tasks to free up your time and life for your greatest abilities and joys?
These all require you to create a vision of success for what you want, and to take (massive and effective) action!

When you hold in your mind a picture of your ideal outcome, you create a very different internal conversation with yourself than you do if you are imaging all the worries and possible disasters. (Just reflect on your own life right now: how often have you thought of the worst case scenario - and it never happened!).

When you create supportive thoughts for your goal, you ACT DIFFERENTLY. Your behavior and actions you take move you in alignment with what you want... because you are BEING congruent with your thoughts, feelings and behavior.

Guess what? There is a Universal Law Of Attraction that works every single time, for each and every wonderful one of us Beings. It appears to work in favor for some more than most. But the truth is, the same Law works for ALL of us ALL the time.

If you have in your mind's eye a desired want - but carry in your heart a load of F.E.A.R. the 'pulse' you set off is incongruent and the F.E.A.R. will carry more 'weight'. Therefore you are signaling to the Universe a much stronger magnetic force of what you DON'T want.

You MUST focus on what you want with a heart felt full of belief and desire, of JOY, GRATITUDE and LOVE. Holding your desire with faith that it WILL manifest for you.

Now here is the critical KEY. The true secret to this process. When you are in alignment with your thoughts and feelings you will take ACTION in the direction of your goal.

Let me share a little of my earlier life with you.

I've ALWAYS dreamed to travel the world. For the last 15 months I have been globe-trotting full-time (in mini-retirement!).

However, I first traveled around the world (on my own) for 8 1/2 months when I was just 19 years old!

When I was 15 I held and announced a STRONG dream. I told my family, "I will travel around the world before I am 20."

That announcement was met with a lot of negative feedback - "You can't do that!" "You can't afford that!" "That's not possible."

Of course, the responses I was getting from family members was based on THEIR BELIEFS and their MODEL OF THE WORLD.

Their responses only fueled my desire and commitment to my goal even further.
  1. I focused on people who HAD ALREADY ACHIEVED what I desired to do.
  2. I also BELIEVED it was possible for me.
  3. I took immediate action and the first thing I did was create a poster to inspire me. I drew a big thermostat. I had decided (based on research and an educated budget) that I would require $10,000. (Remember, at that time I was 15!)
I posted that visual up on the back of my bedroom door. I then took my next steps of massive action and found or created work opportunities. As I saved chunks of money I also coloured in on my poster the next $50, $100, $1000... As you can imagine, as that visual grew in my experience, the stronger the desire became and the faster it took me to manifest my goal.

Now being in high school and only 15 years old, you can imagine that it took me many years to save the money. I also had some other goals along the way which had that money flow out of my savings (a scooter, a one-month volunteer trip to the Philippines to work on a mission, and a motor-bike, amongst other things). But as I had set my goal "before I am 20" the momentum kicked in as my 'time critical' goal was closing in on me.

By the time I was 19 years old I saved over $12,000 for that trip and when the opportunity opened up for me I had leapt at it. I organized my life and in less than a month I was on my journey.... I brought into BEING a goal I had visualized for more than 4 years.

*** *** ***

What is your dream? What action will you take today? Will you take the leap of faith, right now?
What excuses are you now willing to let go of to bring into being your greatest dreams?

Go on... start with simply IMAGING... what will your life be like when you achieve your dream? Who does it require you to become? What do you need to do? Right now! Who has already achieved what you want, so you can model their success?

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