Sunday, August 16, 2009

Creating a Sea of Abundance

The other day, Mike and I discovered a magic location to play in an abundance of oceanic delight!

We had reached a point where we wanted to have a ‘play’ break, from both working (en route) and driving.

Mike said, “Let’s go to the beach!”

He had a fair idea it was not far from where we were parked. We were in Beausoleil, the South of France, and we were located where there was no obvious beachfront. Using his GPS, Mike could see there was ocean to the left. To look towards that direction, all we saw was houses and a train station hiding the view.

But because we set the intention, and used a resource (GPS), we also paid attention as several people walked past our camper van with beach chairs and towels, dressed in their beach gear obviously ready to indulge in the sunshine.

We followed the people along the path (the people who knew where they were going), and after winding our way through some narrow pathways and hidden terraces, we eventually walked out of an alleyway onto a beautiful pebbled beach, hidden from the main road.

Whilst I was relaxing in the crystal clear water, enjoying the sunshine kissing my skin, I had a revelation.

Like water and air, which naturally surrounds us and for which most of us take for granted, money is equally in abundance for us to access as a resource too.

You breathe unconsciously, in the automatic flow of life. If you consciously resist the urge to breath, you will notice, with very rapid feedback from your brain telling you that you need oxygen, to take a breath!

Water is also a resource we all have a way to access. First, to drink (fulfilling a need). Secondly, to swim in and play in (fulfilling a want).

Like money, we need a certain amount for our survival, and when we become adept at becoming resourceful in sourcing out larger pools of money (just like finding the beach) we can enjoy the added benefits of playing in it too!

Money is a sensitive issue for many people. There are a lot of beliefs associated with money, both consciously and (mostly) unconsciously. If you are holding a negative belief (usually several) or a conflict of beliefs about money, you are limiting the flow of money (which is just energy) being attracted into your life.

Beliefs can be insidious, if you are not purposely designing them to support your life, your goals, your dreams, your financial situation, your relationships, etc.

Without conscious attention, the majority of our beliefs are ‘inherited’ from parents, family, teachers, friends, role models, even t.v. shows and media. There is often a heavy bombardment of negative beliefs about all areas in life, including money.

When I was growing up, I heard many limiting beliefs about money. Such as “money doesn’t grow on trees,” “money doesn’t come from thin air!” “We can’t afford it,” “we don’t have enough money,” “it’s selfish to have more than others,” and many, many more negative beliefs.

What if those beliefs instead were (and now are for me), “money DOES grow on trees!” “Money can be plucked from thin air!” (I can feel the vibration of resistance from some of you now), “HOW will I find a way to afford this?” “Where can I resource even more money for what I want?” And…“It’s selfish to waste my gifts both of value for service and for limiting my creation of money.”

Think about the last statement. If, as a human being, we are of the belief that we shouldn’t have more than someone else, who am we really benefiting? Who is that serving?

If instead, we now create an ever-increasing abundance of money (one form of energy), whilst continuing to add even greater value to people’s lives for either (and) our services and products, then we’re not only supporting ourselves and loved ones (and not leaning on social hand-outs), but we are manifesting our greatness we’re here on the earth for.

The extra benefits are we’re adding value in more tax paid to support the system for those who (hopefully) genuinely need the helping hand, and we can be even more generous with charity both with the resources of time and money.

So, with an abundance belief of there is ALWAYS MORE THAN ENOUGH (and plenty more) FOR EVERYONE, wouldn’t the mindset of the world’s population shape the abundance for the circle of life, with even greater strength?

Take a moment to consider your personal beliefs about money...

What beliefs are you 'passing on' to your children and sharing with loved ones? Are your beliefs supporting you or limiting you? Where did you hear those beliefs from in the first place? Is it possible, the beliefs may be outdated or incongruent with life, and your life today? Who have been your role models of influence around money? Who would you like to emulate instead?

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