Sunday, August 30, 2009

Italian Dining: Food For The Soul

Food for the soul. Italian fare with insight into the soul...

Travel inspires you to compare your own personal 'reality' with what 'really is'.

As I travel around the world, I realize two things:

1) The world is incredibly small and we are all ONE.

There are not that many differences in places and people when you TRULY pay attention to what is. Whilst you can differentiate and notice fabulous colours and textures in the tapestry of life, we're all integrated into the one fabulous master piece.

2) There is so much to learn about your Divine self, reflected through the images of people and places.

When you are outside of the 'box of living' away from 'normal' influences which lull you into false illusions, often unconscious conditioning of negative beliefs, and negative or dis-empowering habits of thought, you open up even more to your greatest potential.

Food for the soul, requires being CONSCIOUS about what you choose to 'consume' in thought.

What beliefs are you 'buying' into, or being 'sold'? Are you diligent in discerning the difference between empowering thoughts and dis-empowering thoughts? Are you mentally and spiritually active through conscious habits using the power of affirmations, being selective in music you listen to, eliminating 99% of media that you watch, choosing who you engage in conversation with ...perhaps you might even need to first attend to the internal dialect 'poisoning' your mind?

How? You ask... "it's just how I think" you might say... No, it's a PATTERN of thought you have unconsciously picked up, and re-reinforced through repetitious thinking and filtering life through the lens to find 'evidence' to support your repetitive thoughts, which have now become beliefs.

Conscious CHOICE in new beliefs, repetition and finding social proof to support your new empowering thoughts will create change in your focus and therefore your actions.

What new nourishing 'food for thought' would you prefer to add to your mental and spiritual 'diet' that will empower you to SHINE BRIGHTLY with vitality - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually...???

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