Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tomato Throwing Festival 2009, Bunol Spain

Tomato Throwing Festival 2009

Yesterday we made it to Bunol, Spain for the Annual Tomato Throwing Festival.

What hilarious madness! The streets were flooded with truckloads of tomatoes, being thrown, flared and flung at people by one another. The tomatoes are brought in by the thousands of kilos, and most of them smelt rotten!

As a creative and passionate cook, I really needed to numb my olfactory senses to the smell of rotten salsa!

What was most interesting to witness was to watch people get into the spirit of it, watching the inner child of each person just PLAY!

Whilst we missed the dense action (thankfully!) I managed to get into the midst of the aftermath and interview a few Aussies and New Zealanders... and still witness some of the action!


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