Sunday, August 23, 2009

Living the Dream...

I am told frequently, "You're living the dream!"

Yes, I am.

And, I want to encourage you and support you to live
YOUR dream.

Also, to remind you that 'living the dream' is not all sweet smelling roses, without the odd thorn to prick you!

Not that I want to deflate the balloon of desire, or imagination. Instead, I want to remind you that everything in life is here for our opportunity to grow as Beings in Spirit.

Even when 'living the dream' there are so many lessons to learn.

Traveling the globe has
MANY pros. The variety, adventure, exploration, new experiences, delightful food, meeting wonderful people......... and guess what? You CAN achieve many of these experiences and traits being in your life right where you are at now!

There are many cons to traveling also: mostly out of routine, irregular exercise, sometimes communal living, missing family and friends (and animals), being fined for an overdue account that you missed in the email, etc. There are still challenges. Some of them are the 'daily grind' that you might imagine you will 'run away' from when 'living the dream'.

My intention is to remind you that you have some wonderful experiences right in your own 'back yard'. Often, we as humans are conditioned to look 'over the fence' and imagine that the 'grass is greener' on the other side.

Well, sometimes it is.

And most of the time it is not.

It all depends on your internal sense of

See, life is all about us GROWING. And to grow, we are
CHALLENGED. It is our opportunity to step up and become even GREATER, BIGGER and even more MAGNIFICENT in our lives....

What is
YOUR dream? What does it look like? What can you appreciate right now in your life that you wish to bring forward into your IDEAL DREAM LIFE? ...and be thankful for all that you have right now :) .... then, the Universe delivers you with even more :)

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