Friday, January 22, 2010

Italian Dining with Scott & Alise

I've been staying in Clearwater (near Tampa) with great friends Scott Howard and Alise Torhus this week.

I keep calling it Tampa. Scott quietly interjects each time with "Clearwater" to remind me exactly where I am at. *laugh*

I am forever grateful for not only their friendship and hospitality, but their love and grace with caring for me this week whilst I have been recovering from a lung-gripping flu... post my Caribbean Cruise.

Whilst most of my days have been spent lazing around in my 'heart' pajamas... we have been out and about a few times. Including two nights ago when I wanted to express my gratitude for them in my life, and took them out to dinner.

We went to Macaroni Grill (Alise's choice) and enjoyed a fun night eating delicious Italian food.

Grateful to always have my flipvideo, I captured the essence of the restaurant and staff, as well as our fun experience.


x Katie Joy

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