Monday, January 4, 2010

Feeding the fish with Kurek Ashley & Johanna Ashley

A few days ago (Sunday) I left my home city (Perth) once again for another 6 week journey to the USA.

First however, a brief stop-over in Maroochydore, Queensland to stay with some wonderful and dear friends of mine - Kurek Ashley and Johanna Ashley.

This morning we woke up to another day of grey skies, yet the weather is tropical and warm. Johanna captivated my attention when she started throwing bread over the deck railing into the canal water below. To feed the fish!

Kurek & I joined in. Fascinating to watch the fish attack and eat the bread with ferocity!

I'm set to leave in a few days to head for LA... more adventures coming up! :o)

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  1. hehe yes lots of adventures to come in the next few weeks .... im so excited ... cant wait ....


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