Thursday, January 7, 2010

Grey's Anatomy - I got to sit on the lap of "Mr McDreamy" Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey, a.k.a. "Mr McDreamy", or Dr. Derek Shepherd, the neurosurgeon on 'Grey's Anatomy' was on my Delta flight today from L.A. to Orlando.

As I went to enter the flight, I not
iced the 'buzz' from the flight attendents whispering to staff and other passengers boarding. "Patrick Dempsey's on the flight!" And with a short pause, "but we're used to famous stars flying with us."

Now, I rarely watch T.V. or listen to the radio. BUT, I have always been a fan of the quirky prime time T.V. show "Grey's Anatomy."

And Patrick Dempsey's conflicted character has always made me curious, both in his thought processes and dare I say, in his delicious looks!

As we boarded the flight, we all moved forward down the aisle in an orderly fashion so as to take our seats. Every single person passed Patrick, since he was sitting in the FIRST aisle first class seat.

I sat in my exit row aisle seat. This time in economy. I usually fly United, and get the first class upgrade. I'm happy to take economy on this flight simply to share in this universal alignment.

As I settled into my seat and sat
watching the last of the passengers board, I realized that "if I don't ask, I don't get." I got my new waterproof digital camera ready (the one I just bought at duty free to take on the cruise) and set off down the aisle at a fast pace. I didn't want to be stopped by a Nazi airline steward.

I reached Patrick's seat and squatted down in front of him. He looked a little taken aback, yet I soon saw his face relax.

"Hi!" I announce, "I'm Katie and I'm Austra
lian." (OK, I'm pulling whatever favor card I can right now)

I watch his face soften. "I was sitting back there and realized that if I don't ask, I don't get."

I watch for him becoming more receptive. He is.

"If you say "No", that's OK, and I just want to ask if I can have a photo with you."

I smile.

It wins.

"Sure," he says and radiates his branded smile that melts my heart.

The guy behind Patrick says, "I'll take your photo!" I hand him my camera.

I'm shaking!

Patrick smirks his delicious lazy smile.

He starts to twist in his chair to get ready for the photo. In order for me to get in it, I need to get closer. He's so humble. And polite. I am almost sitting on his knee. Then I ask, "can I sit on your lap?"

"Sure," he says... and I do with glee!

The photo is taken, as the flight attendants are insisting that all electrical equipment be shut off.

I grace Patrick with my gratitude... "you've made my day," I say with a radiant smile.

He lights up with his grin I only know from the the T.V. Show as "Mr McDreamy."

"Thank You!" I say and leav
e him in peace.

I skip down the aisle and enter back into economy where there are a bunch of people who roar into applause at my audacity... I do a little jig and dance in the aisle, so happy and elated.

People clap and laugh with joy.

As I am walking back to my seat I hear, "Katie! Katie Gilbert! From facebook!" I turn to see a familiar face. It's a friend I have met on facebook, Blake Mitchell."

We connect and Hi five.. "Wow! Such a small world!" I say. He nods.

"I'm now Katie Joy!" I state. Blake smiles.

I feel famous. *laugh* The irony is I went to connect with someone I know as famous in the front of the plane, and on my way back, someone recognizes me!

I'm thrilled.

As I take my seat, I reflect on the moment. Proud of myself.

I learned a terrific lesson.

If you don't ask, you don't get.

And.. if you ask.. you most often get what you want.

I wonder how many people on the plane may have thought of the possibility of doing what I did, but no-one else took action.

I did.

That was the learning.

Stepping up and taking action.

I was nervous. I was aware that I might get a "no". But I figured that if I didn't ask it was an automatic "No!" anyway.

If there is one thing I want to share, that is:


Follow your heart.

Take action!

Do it with grace, respect and love and everybody wins!


  1. Good for you Katie. Patrick is very happy to take pictures with fans. He is always very sweet from what I have heard. I am surprised he let you sit on his lap though. LOL Lucky girl!

  2. Beautifully written, Katie Joy!

  3. Congrats Katie Joy, I'm a bit jealous!! But, a note to Katie Joy if you every come across Gerard Butler, please, please, please get a picture for me, too!! Thanx M

  4. Thank you for that Katie! We all to often forget that simple acts can change EVERYTHING...sometimes you just have to ask.


  5. Hey Katie! Great meeting on you the cruise (and congrats on your mcdreamy pic) ;)

  6. Thanks You everyone for your kind comments..
    I appreciate it :o)

    Markus.. great meeting you on the Internet Marketer's Caribbean Cruise also! I'll be creating a blog post for that soon!


Thank you for your feedback :o)