Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How I Got My New Name – Katie Joy

There are some days that are a distinct turning point in your life... this was one of those days for me...

Yesterday morning started of with a terrific breakfast and coffee on the back deck, overlooking the canal.

Johanna and I were chatting away when Kurek came home from breakfast with his friend, Malcolm McCleod.

Introductions were made, and I blushed as I quickly dashed to my room to get dressed. I had been relaxing in my pyjamas and wanted to feel more comfortable at the table now the guys were home.

Malcolm is a fascinating guy.

He dropped several sheets of paper and a few pens in front of Johanna and I and said, “Are you ready for me to change your lives?”

He’s an expert handwriting analyst. And wanted to have some fun with us.

I was eager and ready to play!

We wrote down the sentence he instructed us to write, along with our signature.

And then it was on!

His Analysis was extraordinary.

And when it came to reading my signature I jumped in and said, “You know, I’m not comfortable writing or even saying my last name. It’s my ex-husband’s and it doesn’t feel right to be using it.”

It was obvious to Malcolm that I was shrinking from it, as I write ‘Gilbert’ much smaller than the beginning of my signature.

“What’s your maiden name?” he asks.

“Smith,” I laugh. “Which I don’t want to go back to that either.”

“What do you want it to be?” Malcolm asks.

“I’ve thought about changing my name before, to something I choose. I’ve held back because of the bother of changing all my documents.”

“But, if I were to change my name I would want it to represent something like Joy, or Love.”

Kurek pipes up, “Katie Joy! Yes! That’s you!”

We all nod.

Malcolm insists I write my new name as a signature. I do. It feels great and looks good. I also LOVE his analysis of what personality traits shine through with the new name and handwriting.

So, I now introduce myself to you as Katie Joy!

And yes, I will be changing my name legally when I get back to Australia in six weeks.

Malcolm was right! I thought he was joking when he said, “are you ready for me to change your lives?!”

Thanks Malcolm, for your wonderful gift.


  1. Hey Katie, Great post and great new name. I have had Mal do my writing a few times and seen him present to groups. He does a fantastic job and is cheeky enough to get away with some of the things he says. Enjoy your new name & congrats!

  2. Thanks Tara... and actually also working on a new first name too.. *L* Will update soon... :)

  3. Katie,

    I have been wondering how you came about changing your name...finally read the blog post. Love the way it came about. And Love the choice of JOY....because that is who you in and day out!!

  4. I just found this post, and it all makes so much sense.
    I'm not sure about changing your christian name though... I seem to remember if I 'dared' to call you a pet name like "honey", you would become very defensive and tell me how much you liked 'Katie' as your name.

    maybe "double" would work... then you'd be; double joy
    or "daley" (daily joy).

    your name won't change your personality or how we feel about you, but it can be empowering (i've been "dynamic" for over two decades now, and it works for me).

    shine on Katie, keep sharing your light.



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