Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Singapore Zoo

I've recently arrived back in Perth from an extended trip to Queensland, Sydney, then (briefly Singapore) and Thailand for a month.

Since being back in Australia for the last week, I've had plenty of 'signs' too slooooooow down and rest.

What better time than now to put together some short videos and write some blog updates to share my latest adventures with you.

The first one is... Singapore Zoo!

During my 12-hour stop-over (on my way to Thailand) I was hosted by my beautiful friend, Tina Jessamiene Goh, who showed me around her beautiful city. 

We ate at a local restaurant for authentic Singaporean food, had a wonderful time relaxing at a river restaurant, on the outdoor patio over-looking the city river, drinking delicious white wine - (really enjoying every drop, since it was $120 Singaporean dollars for a bottle of NZ wine you can buy in Australia from the bottle shop for under $20!)

The best fun however, was at Singapore Zoo

Watch the short video and you will witness great highlights of the day. Watch orangutans lounging on rope up in the air (including a tiny baby orangutan!) Delight in the playful nature of a polar bear eating watermelon, admire a White Tiger prowling. Have a laugh and enjoy the Sea Lion show (which I got to participate in). And be in awe of the Elephant show. 

I highly recommend you add Singapore Zoo to your 'bucket list' - a must see in your travels. It's the best zoo I have ever been to. It's more than a zoo. It's a beautiful sanctuary. 

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