Sunday, July 18, 2010

USA June 2010

It's been a few weeks since I've ventured onto these blog pages, but I needed the 'hermit' time to catch up from the wonderful but dizzying journey around the world in twenty two days! 

I had a blast!

My favorite moments were always with my friends and catching up with people along the way.

My motivation for this short tour was to go to the exclusive Jeff Walker Platinum Partner (Product Launch Manager) master-mind meeting, held in Durango, Colorado.

So I wrapped a bunch of wonderful adventures around it, before and after it, to see friends in New York City; Phoenix, Arizona; and San Francisco, California.

Some great people I want to acknowledge again (as I have in the short film) are:

  • Anthony and Dawn Donofrio
  • Croix Sather                        
  • Jeff Walker (and the team)  
  • PLM Platinum Partners
  • James Klobasa
  • Jane Tabachnick
  • Eugenie Verney
  • Ralph Watkins
  • Victoria & Tom Schutte
  • Patrick & Lisa Harvey
  • Joanna Laznicka
  • Melissa Risdon
  • Risdon Family
  • Lentzner Family
  • David Anderton                
  • Brandon Leonard
  • David Groode                        
  • Herb Light
  • and...
  • Larry Lossness

Since this trip, I have been back in Australia for a two and a half week 'hermit' break.

Then last Monday (12th July) I headed of to the Sunshine Coast (Queensland) to stay for a few days with my friend and fellow PLM (Product Launch Manager) Platinum Partner,  James Klobasa. 

Then I headed to Sydney for another four days for the 'Winter' Business Blueprint event with Dale Beaumont and my fellow Platinum Partners (yes, another group! hahah).

I've just arrived back in Perth, Australia last night... and I'm still relaxing in my pyjamas (at 2 pm in the afternoon) being lazy, before I pack my bag to leave this magnificent country yet again tomorrow...

...this time...

...the destination is...



  1. I LOVE IT!!!! It's Ron from Vegas! So awesome to hear how well you're doin! Let's chat soon. Maybe we'll meet up again!!

  2. "Ron" = Ronald? Hey! =) Look forward to catching up with you Danny and the team again soon! I'm bound to pass through Vegas again in the next 6 - 8 months! =)

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  4. Kids loved watching your adventure as though they were with you the whole time. They found you to be extremely fun, an adventure bug, talented in photography, and a eye a beauty. We miss you and enjoyed watching this video! Party Party Party
    Love, the Donofrio Family


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