Thursday, December 10, 2009

In one day: On set in a Hollywood Movie and Offset being a 'Paramedic'

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to play a small part in a Hollywood Movie called "Tranced: The Experience."

The day was full of experiences, both on and off set.

On-set, I got to play a "Hypnotic Host" along with Maya Hiersoux, Michael Grady, and Nicole Crocker. My role was small, but fun, helping the hypnotist (played by the Master himself, Marshall Sylver) to assist the audience experience their hypnotic trance even more.

We were fed on set, with snacks available all day long.

Then we took a break for lunch, with boxes of pizza arriving by the stacks.

Because we were not allowed to eat on set, we were shuffled outside of the theater to the front sidewalk.

We stood there on Santa Monica Boulevard, and the lunch-time traffic was busy with cars whizzing by with a trail of car fumes polluting the air.

Bundled up in my favorite Argentinean wrap to keep me warm from the chilly air I happily munch on my hot pizza. I was listening to the conversational banter going on around me when we heard a gut-wrenching screech of tires and a loud bang as the sound of glass splintered the air.

It took me a few seconds to realize it was not a car versus car, instead a crumpled up bicycle lay on the ground with a human being laying crumpled and still.

"My God!" I cursed as I ran through the traffic now standing still. My cocktail dress is flapping around my boots and I still have my wrap around me.

A few people began to gather around him, just standing and staring not knowing what to do. I threw my wrap at a stranger and said, "here hold this!" while I squatted down beside the man, doing my best to avoid the large chunks of glass and blood now dripping from his face.

"Sir! Can you hear me!" He was on his side, propped up on his right hand, groaning. "I'm Katie, and a trained Paramedic from Australia. I'm here to help you. Can you tell me your name?"

As I'm getting a response and doing a quick assessment, an LAPD cop is doing a secondary survey on the patient. I'm a little in shock myself having just 'witnessed' the accident, so hadn't seen him arrive. He tells me he is also a trained Paramedic from Illinois.

I help the cop to pull the backpack off the patient so we can lay him flat. My hair, loose and long, is flapping in the wind and I find out later, that my friend Michael had been standing behind me holding my hair to avoid it wiping through the blood on the ground.

When I discover this, I feel deep gratitude with this kind act.

"Thank You!" I say.

"You're a living Angel," he says. "That man will be so grateful for you."

I smile yet feel a sadness at the broken Angel now on his way to hospital in an ambulance.

My focus for the rest of the day was on fun, and even deeper gratitude yet again for my life and for every day and every moment I get to experience being alive and well.

My years working in the Ambulance service in Australia has me now deeply rooted in living large, never taking life for granted, being in the moment, always sharing my love and making sure my family, friends, and even strangers (friends I haven't met yet) know how magnificent we all are.

What's wonderful about this is, so many more opportunities reveal themselves. There is a magnetic force with gratitude and living in the NOW.

Is there someone in your life you want to share forgiveness and/or love with? What's holding you back? Are you wanting to do something in your life, but putting it off until 'tomorrow'... what if tomorrow never comes?

Which it doesn't.

Because by the time 'tomorrow' comes, it's 'today' again... and then you're saying "I should have done that yesterday."

What can you do in your life right now, to be fully present and engaged in your life?

Go on... for you and for the ones you love...

As the slogan for Nike says "Just Do It!"


  1. What a wonderful post, Katie! You're a star, for sure.

    And you are so right - 'I should have...', 'I wish I had...', 'If only...': all they do is anchor you in a past you can never change and lock you out of your own future.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Thank You :o)

    So glad you enjoyed me sharing it :o)

  3. That was a cool experience, can't wait to view the movie and see us on the screen!

    All the best Katie!


  4. Michael... Thank You for your kindness!

    I'm so grateful to have shared that day with you :)
    Looking forward to seeing the movie when it comes out!!!
    Happy New Year!

    :o) Katie


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