Sunday, July 12, 2009

Canon 40d camera: Capturing magic Moments

Canon 40D camera. Perfect pictures every time. Whilst I’ve been traveling the world these last 14 months (now going on 15!) I have taken thousands of photos. I began with my humble Canon EOS 350 (which I used for 3 years). It did a terrific job.

Like any fresh experience, such as test driving a brand new car, I realized I wanted the bells and whistles and quality of photos that comes with the newer, bigger model.

Of course, since the Canon 40D (which I upgraded to for Christmas last December) there are newer models available. The 50D, the Canon Mark 1, and now Mark 2. I personally haven’t ‘test driven’ these yet, and hesitating a little for now, as I know once I try them I will want to upgrade again.

Not yet. Soon!

The Canon 40D camera is one of my prized possessions. For me, life is about the magic moments we live on a daily basis. I love to capture them into images, symbolic of the memory in a simple but profound photograph. After all, a picture says a thousand words.

I am often asked about my travels, what do I experience? What do I see? Where is my favorite location? How do I capture such great photos? What camera do I use?

Well now you know. I favor and use the Canon 40D camera. It is an awesome professional camera and has easy features for the ‘amateur-pro’ photographer also!

As for my favorite experiences?

For capturing ice magic, the place on the planet is Antarctica! The whale shots I have captured there are extraordinary. The Canon 40D allows me to capture 13 frames in 2 seconds. That’s a lot of pics to capture a whale breaching, or ‘fluking’ (tail-span shots before they dive).

Other favorite locations and experiences include Argentina. It has wonderful street life, and photographing people in everyday action was a highlight; The volcanic activity of Hawaii, shot from a helicopter whilst hovering over the Big Island enthralled me; The rocky mountains of Arizona were also captured on my Canon 40D camera; as were the lakes and alps of Switzerland.

If the Canon 40D has been on your dream list or vision board, what are you waiting for? When would now be a great time to invest in a quality camera to capture YOUR magic memories of life?

p.s. The prices have never been better than they are now. The Canon 40D camera is now better value for money than I paid 7 months ago. Here is a link for your convenience...

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