Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bali Masari

Many people on facebook and via email have asked me "where exactly are you staying?" (in Bali).

The answer is... Bali Masari.

I've just returned back to Perth, Western Australia.

Fully blissed out and happy to be back home, I can now upload some videos to share the richness of my adventure these last ten days.

Here, is the magnificence revealed of the resort, and surroundings where I stayed at...

Bali Masari
, snuggled into the depths of Sukawati, between Sanur and Ubud. It is surrounded with the beauty of the Balinese Jungle, and the harmonic animal kingdom of birds, bats, geckos, crickets, cicadas, bugs and the odd spider!

Stay tuned... as I have been given a rare opportunity to extend to you an exclusive offer that the General Manager, Rai, has given me to offer you, my friends..

I'll be posting that in a few days. You don't want to miss out on what he's going to give you in this very 'special package'... at Bali Masari


  1. Katie yet again you and you life rock. So proud of what you do and who you are. :-) Col.

  2. Hey Col :)

    Thank You.. You're a Champion yourself! :)


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