Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tim Ferris - Expressing Gratitude

My number one mentor in putting Lifestyle Design in action is Tim Ferris.

I recently commented on his latest blogpost, expressing my gratitude for his key strategies and being a living example of consciously creating a Lifestyle Design based on his terms.

To my delight, Tim Ferris commented directly back to me.

Ever since I read his book, "The 4 - Hour Workweek" I've had a vision to meet Tim. Since simply reading the book for the first time in 2007 I've taken many of the strategies and applied them to my life.

Over the last few years my new reality came into fruition. I designed my lifestyle first in my mind's eye, then took action towards manifesting it 'in real life'.

Now that I have created what I set out to achieve, my foundational beliefs have also evolved and strengthened into the solid, unshakable truth that we absolutely can design life on our terms....

My beliefs were re-shaped and expanded, during that part of my journey (and still are). But they've morphed from fear and doubt, to quality questions, a clear focus and intention to set out to create who I want to become, experience what I wish to do, and have what I truly desire... (My 'have' list is lower in rank for my priorities.. I prefer who I 'become' and life experiences versus 'owning' material possessions that simply age, drain cash, or in some other form become a liability - possessions are only 'weight anchors' for the global butterfly!)

So, when I first read Tim's book... I set out a belief just to connect with him somehow.

In the recent month's, that belief and vision has shifted to, "I will become great friends with Tim Ferris, a mentor, friend and ally for educating and inspiring the world to the possibilities to consciously create a Lifestyle Design of CHOICE."

With Tim writing directly back to me on the blog, I'm one step closer.

So I pose a few questions to you, the reader...
  • Who is doing or creating, walking down the path of what you want to create, become, experience or have in your life?
  • Who has been an effective role model/mentor for the lifestyle or elements of your lifestyle that you have today? Perhaps your health or fitness, parenting, a career path, investments, relationship harmony, lifestyle design or something else...
A key strategy to being/doing/having more in your life..
is to live with the value of gratitude, and express it.

Say "Thank You!" To yourself, to 'God' (whoever that is for you), and also to the person who has guided you along on your journey, or who has nudged you with their wisdom, experience, thought, strategies, kindness or any other powerfully positive impact, into the direction you have traveled to be where you are today.

Here's the ACTION step I encourage you to take today...
Think of a person who has made an impact on your life for the power of shaping you for an area of success in your world. Then gift them the honor of GRATITUDE and say "Thank You!" ...That might be an email, a phone call, a blog post, a facebook comment, a twitter comment, a hand-written letter, an e-card, a snail mail card, a surprise gift, perhaps flowers or a bottle of wine if you are feeling the spirit of a physical token to say "Thanks!"

There is immense power in this simple strategy -GRATITUDE- in Lifestyle Design.

The act of it says, "I appreciate all that I have" to the Universe, who hears you and says with glee, "Great! So I'll send you more of what you want."

An additional, and very strong, benefit of saying "Thank You!" is it creates your mind's focus on all that you have in your life... versus focusing on what you don't have.

Whatever you focus on magnifies, and you get more of what you focus on. When you focus on what you have, you feel great! When you feel great, you are more motivated to continue steps forward on your journey of your life goals.

When you choose to focus on what you don't have, you create a cycle of self-defeating internal (and external) language, your energy drops, and you may take little, if any, action towards creating the lifestyle design of YOUR dreams. And then worse still, you may lull yourself with negative hypnotic thoughts, into the false illusion of your current 'reality' being your permanent reality.

Where you are at today is the sum of all thoughts and actions you have focused on and manifested up until now.

If you want a new reality, first you must have new thoughts - and a strong focus on what you want. A first step to creating the vision of the Lifestyle Design you want to create now is, begin with Gratitude for what you currently have.

So go take that action of saying "Thank You!" now to someone who has affected your life, and if you'd like to share your experience or thoughts, I'd love to hear your comment in the box below this blog.


  1. Another great blog Katie - I have make a definite mind set change to show gratitude to people who have inspired me or who have encouraged me along life's journey. I am just so grateful to be up in Auckland helping our Daughter Anna settle her new baby Isaac into their family. Truely a magical experience seeing the next generation establishing themselves. Take care and best wishes to you and Jason.
    lots of love

  2. Hi Katie, I'll say Thank You to you ... we've known each other for a long time now but I've learned more about you from your blog posts than I ever knew from working around you! I thank you for the inspiration to move on and seek other pathways. I appreciate the journey you've travelled and knowing from where you and I started together, how much you've achieved!


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